The Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

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Nothing can be as stressing as having an emergency in which you have no idea what is going on, what to do, how to fix it or who to call. It can happen to anyone at any moment (and it usually happens in the least expected moment). Picture yourself after an extremely long day, with many problems in your office, the kids in your house fighting again and your car broke in the middle of a traffic jam, the only thing you can think of is taking a relaxing hot shower. When you are finally taking a relaxing hot shower before going to bed and then, suddenly, the water turns cold … Or maybe, you go through the horrible experience of flushing the toilet and… nothing, the toilet is blocked, what are you supposed to do?…  You need the help of plumbers and they can be the ones to brighten up your day after an awful situation like any of these or many others that surprise you, but not in a good way..

See here the list of the most common plumbing emergencies and some of their possible solutions:

  • Blocked drain

What do you do in rainy season if the drain is blocked? After having a flooded house, you will find out that this is not an easy problem to solve; in many cases you will need a high pressure water jetter or even an electric eel (also known as a plumber’s snake).

  • Leaking heater

You run out of hot water or you probably have no hot water at all. In this case you will need first to find the leak and in some other cases you will need parts that you have no idea where to find them or how to install them. Don’t worry, everything has a solution.

  • Leaking taps or showers

It sure is an annoying noise to hear your shower leaking at night while you try to get a good night sleep and you hear nothing but the leaking shower.  Don’t let a bad night affect your whole day just because you don’t know who can fix it, simply with a call or visiting a website and we will give that info here.

  • Broken toilets

Nothing can make your water bill go up as much as a broken toilet can. Water running all the time is not only expensive; it will also be noisy and messy. 


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