How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer: Pros and Cons of Advertised Services

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With the burgeoning of the information age, hiring the services of a legal professional has become very simple. Lawyers advertise their services on the Internet, in legal directories, Yellow Pages, state bar associations, professional directories and also paid referrals.

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However, there are some advantages and disadvantages in these advertised services.

Pros: If you’;;;re hiring a lawyer for the first time and don’;;;t know of any trusted sources who can recommend one, it’;;;s probably a wise thing to do your own research and hire one. This way, you get to do a thorough background check and ask the right questions. There’;;;s no awkwardness in asking about legal fees, nature of services and what to do in case you’;;;re not satisfied with the level of service. You can also question the lawyer about education, experience, track record and whether they are willing to give you a written agreement on retainer. You’;;;re also free to ask whether the lawyer has specific experience in your kind of personal injury and what kind of updates will be given to you as the case progresses. If you hire from a state bar association, the bona fides of your lawyer are in order. With paid referrals, you can be reasonably sure that you’;;;re hiring a good lawyer if the referral is from a well-known and reliable source.

Cons: Hiring via advertised services is largely a hit-or-miss affair. Remember that directories and Yellow Pages will host ads for anyone who pays the requisite charges and the risk is all yours. Another issue with Internet ads is that not all the information available is screened. Reputable law-firms who advertise on-line can be trusted but other websites that merely offer injury-information without revealing who they are may be less reliable. TV and radio ads are the last place you should rely on to find a personal injury lawyer. The Yellow Pages ads are again not a good idea. If you think someone who has taken out a full-page ad is necessarily the best, that’;;;s far from the truth. Some of them may never have handled a single personal injury case, or may have no experience in your specific type of injury. You may get an inexperienced, unscrupulous or lazy lawyer who can do irreparable damage to your case.

Engaging the services of a personal injury lawyer is an important task and you need to take your time, do your research before you can convince yourself that this person will keep your interests paramount in a legal situation. It’;;;s also a fact that the best personal injury lawyers/law-firms do little or no advertising and rely on their success stories being spread by word of mouth.


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