Have you ever thought of surviving without agriculture?

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The food we eat in our routine life is the result of agriculture and it involves a painstaking toiling of a farmer. Due to recent advancements in technology and various money making methodologies the practice of agriculture is slowly abandoned by the new generation human offspring. Have you ever thought of a world without agriculture? Here is the hypothetical picture of the world without agriculture:

  • There would be no cities and towns.

  • The human population would be very meager than today’;s population since there won’;t be enough food for increasing population. The size of the population would be kept smaller because of death of humans due to starvation or due to infertility that occur due to malnutrition.

  • In most part of the world humans would lead a nomadic life in a constant search for food.

  • Human dwellings would be close to rivers and lakes, and other sources of fresh water. The deep deserts and dense forests would be the least inhabitable for human dwelling. Deforestation might never happened.

  • Their would not be any domestic livestock except dogs. This will markedly increase the wild animal population which could ba another threat for human survival.

  • Humans leading a nomadic life and gather food through hunting would be diguised as modern humans, rich in wealth. Due to high protein meat diets they would have strong bones and teeth. Diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and osteoporosis would remain unknown and might never shown its onset.

  • Humans would live for relatively short life span since diets without vitamins never assist anti-aging.

  • Cooking would doom life of women since soot from the campfires and firewood stoves will be packed inside their lungs. Men would die in advance because of the accidental wounds they get during hunting animals.

  • Life would be family-centered rather than money-centered

Life would be very difficult if agriculture never exist in the world. It is a boon to have agricultural practices which saved the mankind for millions of years. It is everyone’;s duty to respect the farmer for his toiling. Never, ever waste foods that is served to you.


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