Council Permits and Skip Hire Operators

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A mini skip is a smaller sized skip bin, which is a container for disposing rubbish. Mini skips come in a variety of sizes and  may come with a cover and secured with locks so the contents  won’t spill over and pollute the roads. Once filled the skip hire operator takes the skip to a landfill area far far away.

If you are looking for skip bins online or mini skips Melbourne service providers  offer a wide variety of sizes and models. Some come with wheels so it’s easier to haul the skip from one place to another. Some are designed for bulk waste removal and are ideal for holding large pieces of furniture or equipment.   

Council Permits

When considering mini skip hire Melbourne, Councils require a permit to be obtained from the council where you want to place a skip bin on public highways or on Council land. The permit must be acquired by the skip operator in most council areas. But they can only do this if they are registered with that particular council.  This is important when some smaller, localised rubbish removal companies don’t traditionally work within the catchment area as the cost of a council permit cannot be amortised across multiple locations within a set time in the catchment area. In Melbourne CBD, a customer may also obtain the council permit themselves at a cheaper cost than can be acquired by the skip bin provider. The duration of permits varies significantly by area.

How to Apply

Melbourne Municipal Councils can have more than 100 registered service providers who have entered into an agreement with the Council. Skip providers need to supply the following information when applying for a city works permit:

● A completed City Works Application Form:
● Copy of Certificate of Currency specifying public liability insurance (minimum $20 million)
● A Traffic Management Plan or Site Plan (a map that details the location of the project, street distances, lighting, spotters, etc.)

● Confirmation of consultation that has been undertaken with any or all affected parties in the area of your projects.

About Council Costs

Did you know approximately 20% of the cost of bin hire goes to the paying of a council permit? The cost of the permit varies by area. For instance:

Maribyrnong – the skip bin permit is $46.00 for 3 days or $15.00 per day after the first three days.

Darebin – The skip bin company may obtain an unlimited placement permit of $625.00 or three skip bin placement of $123.00. Permits are valid from July 1 to 30 each year.

Boroondara – A permit fee applies and is based on the number of days the skip bin stays on the site.

Benefits of Hiring a Skip Hire Operator

Here are reasons why you need the right skip hire operator:

  1. They comply with the VIC Roads code of practice.
  2. They take responsibility for the $10 million Public Reliability Insurance that goes with the permit used.
  3. They can transport waste to the right place.
  4. They have access to recycling facilities that follow environmental guidelines.
  5. Their services often include dumping fees, making them more cost-effective.
  6. They can manage any type and size of waste.

If you want mini skip hire, Melbourne has a number of providers that effectively dispose of waste, through the Rent-A-Bin website. Their bins cost an average of $250 for a 3-metre bin. Their rates are extremely reasonable. More importantly, each bin goes back to the depot for separation. Hence, they have the right equipment to transport wastes without dealing with the usual amount of hassle.


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