Treating your Type II Diabetes

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According to the CDC, the number of cases of diabetes in this country has doubled in the last decade. Of these cases, 90% of them are Diabetes Type II. Not only are the numbers increasing, the age of onset is decreasing, with younger and younger people developing this disease.

So, why the increase? While no one knows for sure the cause of diabetes, generally speaking, people who get the disease have a family history of diabetes, are overweight and get little to no exercise. The good news is, Type II Diabetes can be managed and sometimes even reversed with a few lifestyle changes.

Change your diet

It is essential to change your eating habits. This doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to eat a piece of cake again. It just means under you doctor’s care, you have to closely monitor every bite you eat, so as not to throw your blood sugar levels off balance. Trade sugary processed foods for whole grains and fruits and vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables in particular, can help to detoxify the body.

Eat six small meals a day

Instead of eating three big meals, think about decreasing the size of your meal and just increasing how many meals you eat. Again, this is important for stabilizing your blood sugar as it prevents any big spikes and drops. Eating more frequently will also give a nice boost to your metabolism.

A word about supplements

In addition to any medication your doctor may prescribe, consider adding a nutritional supplement to your daily diet. Essential fatty oils in particular can be helpful as they help cell walls become less insulin resistant. Of course, do not take any additional supplements without your doctor’s approval.

Exercise regularly

Again, with your doctor’s approval, make exercise a part of your daily routine. Exercise is crucial in increasing circulation and decreasing insulin resistance.

See your doctor regularly

Your doctor needs to see you to monitor your progress and make sure your treatments are working. Your doctor also needs to ensure that your diabetes is not leading to further medical complications.


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