Abu Dhabi Aspirational Investors Seeking New Zones Tej Kohli Reveals

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It is time for investors in the property market of UEA to jump up high in excitement since the value of properties in UEA is booming at a dragon’s pace. The year 2013 is a year of investment in any residential or commercial property anywhere in UAE or Dubai and calls for a celebration later on as the value of your asset will increase tremendously. Better operational and financial management contributes to increased market confidence in investors.

As stated by Mr Tej Kohli, CEO and owner of Ozone Real estate in Abu Dhabi ‘; After the testing times, the real estate market in Dubai has emerged being more mature and reliable. It’;s like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon after having struggled.’; Hence the investment in real estate is on the rise and there is no looking back.

Abu Dhabi has been seen as the latest hub for investments. It is seen as the most vibrant part in the UAE. Many benefits have been observed while investing in the residential as well as commercial properties in Abu Dhabi. Here are some of the important pointers which clearly indicate Abu Dhabi as the uprising market:

Abu Dhabi Real Estate Market

Some of the most excellent real estate properties such as villas and amazing parks, luxury hotels, office buildings and beautiful malls are found in Abu Dhabi. With the assistance dynamic property developers, the city has made marvellous steps in the field of property and real estate business which had been lagging behind in the past years. 

The real estate market has also received a boom from the oil industry. Oil production has made Abu Dhabi very popular all over the world. The cosmopolitan welcomes people from every background and culture to the benefit of its real estate investments. 

Abu Dhabi has an excellent purchasing power. It records an excellent per capita income and is ranked among the richest cities in the world over. The economy is stable with a steady growth enabling Abu Dhabi Property Investment to flourish successfully. Apart from economic stability, Abu Dhabi also has a stable financial and social environment which is expected to last for several decades which make real estate investments quite attractive. 

No Foreign Exchange Barriers

Abu Dhabi does not impose any trade barriers or foreign exchange controls related to real estate industry. The city has thus increased its property and real estate dealings quite successfully by opening doors to interested real estate investors. Investors enjoy several other incentives which make the cost to own property quite competitive.

Again some believe that fate plays a major role in profit or loss in this business and so go with your gut feeling. Some properties just give you the feel as good investments and so do not hesitate and just go and buy the same. But some properties also seem to give an ill feeling still we buy them due to the advice of high placed real estate advisers. This should be avoided in order to be successful in your real estate investments.


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