5 tips to select final year student project topic

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Final year student project is an important subject for all students. This is a good chance for all students to apply what they learn in the campus.

In old time, student has more time to spend on their project and project topics they choose are normally close to what they learn in the campus. However the due to fast development of technology and slow upgrade of campus syllabus. What the student learns in campus is no longer suitable for them to apply in the project. In addition the student project budget also increases much from last time. So most of the final year students now are no longer effort to pay for the development fee.

The following shows 5 tips that nobody tell you before. You may find it unfair or not logic. But these tips are extremely helpful for all final year project students to select their project. Please open your mind and read:

  1. Only select project topic within your field: While a lot of student only concern on big impact project. I suggest they only focus on select project which relate to their field. Example if you study electronics, please do not select project with mechanical design or webpage design. Because a lot of time will be spent just to understand the field before you startup.
  2. Only select project with interesting project topic: While many lecturers and examiner focus on project performance and contribution. I will remind you to focus on select a good student project topic. A good project topic plays an important role in our final year project. An interesting project topic does attract examiner to pay more attention on your presentation. When you get their attraction only you have chance to show them your work.
  3. Only select project with more contribution: Many students misunderstand that good project must be expensive project. So they will find all the way to buy expensive items to develop it. But does it means student cannot get good credit if develop project with cheap development cost? The answer is no. Because project contribution is more important than project cost. Example you may buy a very accurate and fast speed DC motor, but you just add a switch to make it run or stop. This will definitely not give you good credit.
  4. Only select project with less development tools: Development tools such as software, machine and measuring devices take long time to learn and practice. The more development tools involved in project means you need to study more datasheets and user manuals. But sad to say that study project development tools will not bring you credit in your project. Because what your supervisor focus is your project development output. So please choose project with less development tools. If possible choose development tools that are easy to learn and practice.
  5. Only select project with fewer variables: A lot research project requires a lot samples to prove the circuit or model is working. This will consume much time to collect samples and tune the parameters required. Example sound recognition project, face recognition project and car plate number recognition project. These project variables are a lot. And it is hard to maintain the sample quality with low budget you have. The result you trained today may not work tomorrow or when you present. Project with more variables consider high risk project. Because if your project is not working when present, you will give bad impression for your examiner.

 If you can fully understand and apply 5 tips I mentioned above. You can complete your project with less time, less project budget and more relaxing.  

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