Look to God for direction and strength

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We can always look to God for direction and strength; in our dependence upon his divine aid. God will never leave us or forsake us in times of difficulties. Yet there are many ways to discipline rebellious people, rejection comes sometimes from the point whence we least expect.

Here is the story of ancient Israel the chosen people that we know were to be a praying people. However Jehoahaz, their king, in his distress, and troubled mind, besought the Lord; and applied himself for help, but not to the calves; because they could not help, what kind of help can idol worship give? Non that is worth mentioning. 

The king sought the Lord. and we can see how swift God is to show mercy; how ready he is to hear most urgent prayer; how willing to find a reason to be gracious; else he would not look so far back as the ancient covenant Israel had so often broken. God was merciful; he has always been a God who will marry the backsliders back.

 Let us renew our covenant to him forever; and encourage those who have forsaken him, to return and repent; seek for there is forgiveness, and begin to live a holy life, holiness unto the Lord is our watch word, that he may be feared. And the Lord will answer the cry of people who are in distress, if it is even only for temporal relief, that’;s how much God cares.

Much more will he regard the prayer of faith for spiritual blessings?

2 Kings 13:10-19 Jehoash, the king, came to Elisha, to receive his dying counsel and blessing. Having seeing the old prophet paid him some compliments, in weeping respect, he repeated what was earlier said in the farewell service of Elijah, as they were travelling on in pilgrimage, and the chariots of fire came down from heaven, Elisha saw it, and he cried, My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof.

It may be to our spiritual advantage, to attend the sick-beds of good people who are approaching the gates of death, that it may be encouraged us onward in our Christian life, and gain a blessing have from the dying hour.

Elisha now old and frail, but still able to find enough strength to function as a prophet, he trembling gesture assured the king of his success; although Joash must now look to God for direction and strength; he must realize that his own hands would not be strong enough, to fight the enemies, so in order to go on valiantly, dependency upon Divine aid would be paramount.

The fixed his gaze upon every aching gesture that the trembling hands of the dying prophet made, because they would signified the power of God, and gave the kings arrow more force than the hands of the king could give when drawn in his full strength. As the arrow sped through the air the metaphors brought deliverance,

Victory over the enemies was signified, and the grief of the dying prophet would ultimately bring deliverance to the nation, the arrow of Gods deliverance is in all our lives, he is waiting for us to look through the window of opportunity and take a leap of faith.

Take advantage of the enemies ignorance, the wicked has said in his heart there is no God, They that trust in the Lord shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever. Psalms 125:139


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