What Is The Purpose of Antioxidants

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 Something called free radicals are highly reactive oxygen fragments that are consumed when eating food. They attack and damage cells, which has membranes around each cell. After a period of time, there are fewer functioning cells and an increased amount of damaged or abnormal cells.  That is why the bodys resistance decreases to fight off colds, infections, and diseases. Our body has their own antioxidants made up of the many vitamins, and minerals we already take on a daily basis. The two most powerful antioxidants are vitamin C and E.

Eating enough antioxidants help slow down damage to tissue. So its a good idea to get started early on your vitamins, so it can become routine for you over the years. Because it prevents premature age-related diseases such as, cataracts, arthritis, heart disease and cancer. Taking multivitamins will also prevent premature deaths. Many diseases develop over time, due to poor nutritional habits. The sooner you start to slow down the damaging effects of free radicals the better the results could be.

So it is better to start early in strengthening the antioxidants for your system. There are more than just nurients in the plants that can provide us with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It is a proven theory. Though the recommended daily serving of fruits and vegetables are five servings per day, one thing to remember is that whole grains are richer in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins overall. Over time people may be able to maintain a desirable healthy weight and live longer as well.  Provided they develop a routine and keep up  with it. In the long run it will be very beneficial as you may see. 

So if it mean changing your entire eating habit so you can increase these antioxidants that will be released into the body while benefiting you, then why not do so, thing that can happen is better health over time. While promoting good health, and better eating habits once everyone else see how well you look, and know how good you feel, they may want to start their own routine of healthy eating. So why not start today, better late than never.


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