How Do You Know When You Have Celiac Disease

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Celiac disease is when the content of something you may have just eaten, not being broken down by the stomach, nor are any of the nutrients are being absorbed into the bloodstream by the small intestine. This would mean a trip to the Gastroenterologist. This disease also has a name which is known as; sprue. It is a very rare disease, which cause fingerlike projections on the inside surface of the small intestine to shorten and collapse by losing their absorption abilities. The outcome is the person who has a serious case of this disease can virtually starve themselves to death despite eating healthy. People who experience a wide variety of symptoms with this condition, live their lives are very uncomfortable.

Muscles become weak, abdominal bloating is present. Your weightloss become uncontrollable, you have achy bones, confusion, ringing of the ears, chronic diarrhea, gas, headaches. These are the symptoms for someone who has a severe case of this disease. So it is important to make sure you get checked when you notice any changes in your body that you haven’;t been experiencing before. Because if it is left untreated with everything that is going on with you. It could lead to even more problems for you.

Things like; cirrhosis of the liver, brittle bones, diabetes, and even intestinal cancer. None of these you definitely do not want. The cause of this disease is basically unknown. Some physicans believe that a water-insoluble protein was the identified culprit. Worldwide many people felt that their problem was solved. Because once the ingredient was identified more people felt better and did not experience the symptoms that were once present before.

Believe it or not, many people can be symptom free in as little as four to six weeks. If it is not treated, it can really be awful. But if you catch it early enough, it can just be annoying for you more than ever. It is believed that a virus or bacteria is the trigger of this disease. It is also believed that certain types of surgeries can trigger this disease as well.  So it is really not known what triggers these symptoms, but research will continue until it is found what really does trigger the onset of celiac disease.


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