Colds-How Do You Treat It

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 Its that time of the year where that annoying cold may be creeping in at any given moment. Well, many people are confused as to where you starve a cold and feed a fever. When actually the old saying is ” feed a cold and starve a fever. Why? Because if you have a fever and try to eat something. It is not going to stay down anyway. By feeding the cold, your body is accepting more of the medicine and nutrients you are putting into it.

By having a fever, the fever is not going to allow you to hold down anything. The one thing I know that will help is drinking coca-cola and orange juice throughout the day, along with a couple of Tylenol. This have helped me with the fever while the orange juice work on the cold. But eating a bland diet is best when you’;re experiencing this condition. You can actually eat foods that will help keep that annoying cold away as well as precaution steps you can take in not catching colds. Stay sanitized.

The average person catch about four to six colds which may last anywhere between five and ten days. That is why it is key to stay sanitized. If you’;re one who doesn’;t catch colds easily, this mean your immune system is working very effectively. Sometime even the healthiest immune system can be vulnerable to colds and viruses. But not that often. The time of year play a role in in catching a cold, doctors see more people catching colds during the winter months than any other time of the year.

When visiting stores, hospitals, and peoples homes, we will pick up more germs, due to the fact we’;re touching handles, doorknobs, sitting in rooms with people who are sneezing, coughing, wiping their hands off on anything around because they didn’;t have tissue at hand. So you are definitely susceptible viral infections. There is almost no way of avoiding it unless you stay at home in your very clean and sanitized house, and wait to come out when you think the cold season is over. Now thats funny. Because that’;s impossible simply because people have colds all the time no matter what time of the year it is. It is said that you catch fewer colds as you age. Your immune system appear to be stronger.

In all honesty everyone is different. So it is different for each individual.


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