What Are Fibrocycstic Breasts

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 Fibrocystic breasts are fatty benign (noncancerous) tumors, often there is pain and some nipple discharge. Your breasts are lumpy anyway. But the question is when is it a good lump or a bad lump to be worried about? So the best answer would be to go to the doctor and find out what is really going on with your body. The doctor will do a breast exam to find out what is really going on. Your breast are made of fatty tissue and glands of fibrous tissue made mostly of collagen.

Your milk glands and milk ducts are lumpy feeling as well. As you experience your menstrual cycle each month your breasts tend to swell. Which make them tender and maybe painful to the touch. The things you eat can affect your bodys hormone level. It is not understood how the high levels of estrogen really affects your breast. Estrogen can be harmless and malignant case studies have proven.

Changing your diet can play a role in the build up of fatty tissue. Reducing the fat in your diet may help your hormone level and decrease premenstrual lumps as well. Dense tissue as well is associated with cyclical breast pain and breast cancer. All fat is not bad for you. For instance olive oil, omega-3 fatty acids are all good types of fat. This is found in fish such as salmon and tuna, which I love.

These fats help to decrease the premenstrual pain and the lumps in the breast. So until more research is done to document the proof here are some things you can do. Try to reduce your fat intake, because the fatty tissues in your body store a lot of the fat consumed by you. Make sure you watch your weight. More calories contribute to body fat, and in return you get high estrogen levels added to your body. Eating food that does not contain any preservatives is another way you can help your body to thank you for eating healthy.

Because eating foods that are not toxic such as organic foods will also help increase your energy levels as well. Cooking and eating food containing olive oil is healthier than other oils on the market. Though it may be a bit expensive, it is better for you. Adding fiber overall is better for you in the long run. So remember to change your diet and take better care of yourself. Its very important.


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