The Problem With Buying A First Car In The UK

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Turning 17 in the UK is a major event in the lives of teenagers. Usually this is simply due to one reason: you are now able to learn to drive, and buy your first car in preparation for your pass, where you can freely roam the streets with friends without the trouble of public transport or begging your aggravated parents for yet another lift. However, there seems to be a major problem when it actually comes to picking your first car, and it is one which has troubled me and I’;m sure many others with the same mindset.

The Problem

Due to the current economic climate, among other things, insurers have become extremely cautious when providing insurance for young, first-time drivers. It has reached the point that only the most reliable and common cars are one’;s which insurers won’;t reject, with the fear of having to fork out large amounts of money for ‘;different’; cars lingering within the minds of the majority of companies.

In other words, if you’;re not into the Mini/Fiat 500 craze, it’;s very difficult to find a car with both style and obscurity, a car that essentially makes people turn their heads. This is shown by the fact that any list of ‘;Top 10 First Cars’; all end up being incredibly similar due to the lack of first cars that you can get insured.

In essence, this fear insurers have is understandable. Studies show that one in five young drivers will crash within six months of passing their test in the UK, while the overall number makes up around a quarter of all crashes. However, these restrictions young drivers have when it comes to purchasing their first car may have an impact. Ultimately, if you have a first car you love you are more likely to take care of it, rather than be reckless with driving.

Currently, it looks like this problem won’;t change. However limiting it is, there are still cars available, and until young drivers can adequately prove themselves in driving, it is unlikely the stance insurers have will change.


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