Dealing with a faulty financial aid department.

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Higher learning is hard enough without all the hassle of paying for it, especially in this economy, and this country of non free schooling/healthcare.

Luckily I got ran around by multiple financial aid offices from lots of esteemed campuses, so you don’;t.

Upon entering the lovely community college campus in my county about a year ago, I was greeted by my FASFA taking AGES to be accepted and paid out to me, so I could actually register my classes, and get on with my life. 

Far be it from me to waste their time with questions such as “Where is my aid?” and “My classes start next week, why are you telling me I’;m still processing when I filled this stuff out months ago?” I let them do their work.

This was a mistake. If something doesn’;t get done in college at an appropriate time, chances are it never will. Proof of this is shown in the decline of 50% of the population once the first month of school passes(Though it makes parking ever so easier), and the ability to say “Eh, I’;ll do it tomorrow” once you realize this isin’;t high school and the professors could care less. 

Got this far? Good, because once you realise that classes start soon, and the financial aid department is playing forgetful god with your application, it is now your job to call them, badger them, and politely scoot them along in the process.

Once connected, be persistant, if someone says check your student email, or everything should be taken care of, take all of that with a few teaspoons of salt. I was told by another university that I should sign up for classes soon, though my financial aid was still far from processed, and I was in no financial state to out-of-pocket these expenses. It was after I called and waited on hold for 30 minutes that I was connected to a relatively helpful office member who after 5 minutes of checking my application informed me that someone seemed to have “Forgot” something. I was then placed on another 20 minute hold until the most helpful person I have ever spoken to said he would contact a higher up and get this resolved quickly.

This was the second time this has happened, and both times I was told everything was going to be fine, you classes will be charged automatically and you will be blissfuilly off on an adventure of knowledge. 

The basic tactic to use is simply perserverance, and keeping a careful eye on the latest dates and times presented to you for payment. As soon as things get close to fishy territory, crab the phone by the case and give ‘;em hell. 


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