ENVS – Entirely Non-Vanilla Sexuality

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I am a person with a sexual fetish. Without going into detail of what the actual fetish is, it might not sound such a dilemma in the open-minded times we live as almost everybody has but what if the fetish itself was your only existing sexuality? It’;;s taken for granted that everyone, even with a fetish must have a “vanilla” side they can revert to (vanilla – ordinary sexual intercourse without kinks) so am I the only living vanilla-free rarity who doesn’;;t want standard sex with either gender? This is an unusual quirk that I cannot believe hasn’;;t already been addressed in medical fields so may I be the first. My original plan was to have this new incongruity published on Wikipedia but it was rejected owing to the condition being unrelated to anything other than myself.  I hope that publishing it here will change that.

Entirely Non-Vanilla Sexuality (ENVS)

This describes a person with a fetish or kink as their only existing sexuality. People like this are unable to engage in standard (vanilla) sexual intercourse with anyone else of either gender and can only be aroused by the said fetish.

Many people enjoy non-vanilla sexual practices from time to time such as bondage, rubber or ropes as a secondary sexual pleasure but a person with an ENTIRE non-vanilla sexuality can only respond to their secretly desired interest being the primary and sole sexual urge. Most of the time a non-vanilla sexuality is an incompatible one and a person with this are rarely married or ever in a long term relationship. It could explain the number of bachelors and spinsters, many known celebrities, who are acknowledged NOT to be homosexual yet are never seen with lasting partners.

It is well known that British war hero Lawrence of Arabia was heavily into sexual masochism but had no active sex life without this. His former and only known lover Vyvyan Richards expressed a suspicion that he was ‘sexless’. Also, very little is really known about the true sexuality of wartime dictator Adolf Hitler but there was rumour he was secretly into coprophilia- a sexual arousal for human excrement. Could this be significant to his previous failed relationships with women where two were said to have committed suicide? Was coprophilia his only existing sexuality and the reason lurking behind the suspicion that his relationship with Eva Braun was sexless and why they never procreated?

Non conventional and incompatible sexualities such as fetishes could be the largely unanswered dark area for lonely and seemingly incompatible people today and throughout history.


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