How To Be Happy Always

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Life is nature’;;s most precious gift to mankind. Life is precious . It is sacred. Its every moment is to be enjoyed and cherished , Unfortunately most of people instead of enjoying it , make a mess of it, destroy it , desecrate it. Psychologists for centuries have been searching the reason for this utter unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life and have proposed one or more of the remedies. But the most effective and rapid antidote to all depression, anxiety, worry, stress etc. is a very simple technique. This actually is not a technique but a very simple fact of life which most of people do not notice; consequently they remain happy throughout their life. Let me explain this simple fact of life in a little detail.

You must have noticed in your every day experience that suppose you are racing along a highway and you are searching for an exit from where you can move on to the side lane. But when it comes you just miss it . Why? Because your mind is absorbed in other thoughts. You are not mentally present in that moment. Either you are thinking of something in the past or pondering over something in the future and so you miss the exit even if it is very much there.

Here lies the point. We as human beings confuse our brain with either thoughts (mostly unhappy) of the past or apprehensions about the future. Whereas the fact of the matter is that the brain is made to accept only present moment thoughts. So what happens is that we are physically present in a given situation but mentally we are either in the past or in the future so we miss countless opportunities which come to met us in the present and also confuse our brain . The result is even more unhappiness and stress. So it becomes a viscous cycle. Now the natural question arises what is the way out of all this.

You will be surprised to know that the remedy is quite simple and very easy to comprehend. The only time we have is present. Past is dead and future is not sure. Only present is reality of life every thing else is an illusion , a fantasy. We should try to live as much as possible in the present and leave the past and future. As the celebrated Psychologist Dale Carnegie has put it ” Learn to live in day-tight compartments”. Yes To-DAY is the only day you have. Now is the only time you have. If you want to act , act NOW. If you want to express love to somebody do it NOW. If you want to tell somebody how much you love her/him do it now. Forget about past mistakes and future worries. Take right decisions NOW. If you have noticed some personality traits in yourself which need improvement , make effort to improve NOW. The world famous Psychologist and inspirational writer Dr. Wayne Dyer in his book The Sky is the Limit says that when a person performs a certain task with full present moment participation of body and mind then there remains no limit to his achievement. He can do marvels.

So the conclusion of all this discussion is that the moment you make your brain think only in the present, no worry, no anxiety, no stress, no depression, no anger no frustration whatsoever remains. Try it , it really works. Always keep remembering yourself that the only time you have is now and the only moment you have is the present moment. See it is such a simple point but many people miss it and constantly brood over past events or fear the future. It follows that if you want to live happily and do not want the rest of your life to follow the same pattern as it has followed hitherto then my sincere advice is to learn to live in the present and then you will feel as if buy magic every negative thought, ever unhappy thought has vanished and you will feel much relieved and energetic.


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