What Lies do you believe?

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There are things we have been told that fuel the doubts in most of us. We grow up to believing that we can not do well in one area because some we look up to told us it is impossible. Those are few of quotes who have been proven wrong as a result of years of research and studies. If we were to be around during those years, I am sure majority of us would believe recent success in science and technology is impossible.

We may say to ourselves, why the hell would they say such things? But a lot of things are said about us, about our abilities, even about the opportunities we see that we too believe.

Those things tend to stop us from pursuing our goals and as a result we wish we had one gift or the other. We let other people’;;;s words determine what we are capable of doing because we believe they are authorities in that area.

“You can’t do that”

“You are not fast, so you can’t win that race”

“No one has ever done it before”

“It is too late to be a doctor”

“If you must be a gymnast, you must have started at age 4”

They told you these and you believe. Why?

We believe because they are our parents, our mentors or professionals in those areas. They can’t be wrong after all they have been there before. That is what you said to yourself. You let their comments build a pillar of doubts in you while you watch others going for things that you are scared to do.

The truth is they are not the ones stopping you. You are the one stopping yourself. Look into the mirror and say those words are wrong. Say the right words to yourself. Just have in mind that nobody ever win if they have already lost in their mind.

“There is freedom in stepping out and taking risks when you know at any given moment, you can always begin again.” ………..Eva Gregory

“If you never take risks in life, you’;;;ll never see anything new”………. Blake Lewis

The day you start approaching every challenge with the believe you can do it, is the day you start feeling the power to achieve. The words of Eva Gregory and Blake Lewis have the power to turn an ordinary man to an extraordinary person. Those who achieve extraordinary things are people like you and me; they just ignore what people say and follow their passions. If what you believe are those things that say you can’t do something, then you are right; you can’t. No one is ever greater than what he or she believes.

Stop believing in the wrong things and start having faith in the right things. I assure you, you will succeed.


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