How to Fix Your Bike’s Flat Inner Tube

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That’s Funny My Bicycle Is Getting Tough to Pedal

You are pedalling down your preferred trail questioning what could be around the next bend when something occurs that you were not prepared for. It begins with a incredibly loud bang and before you understand it, you can no longer preserve any forward momentum along with your bike. You look down and sure enough you happen to be the newest member of the flat tire club. This was your first punctured tire which you had to put your bike repair capabilities to operate with. An effective process to have that flat tire repaired will be covered off within this post so that it is possible to get back on your bike and begin pedalling once more.

Time for You to Fix Your Flat Tire Making Use of a Patch Kit

You check your seat bag and you are in luck since you’;;ve a patch kit. Let’s move through the measures on patching your punctured inner tube instead of just replacing it. A lot of people will usually just eliminate their old inner tube, toss it in to the trash and replace it with a new one. The majority of your time though, your previous inner tube is still completely useable and patching it’;;s going to save you the cost of having to purchase a brand new one.

First Steps First- Tire Will Have to be Removed

First items first, you’;;ll need to have the wheel off of your bicycle so that you can remove both the tire together with the punctured inner tube. As soon as removed, inspect the inner tube and locate the hole. A fantastic method to do that easily is to inflate the tire to ensure that it holds a tiny bit of air. This permits the tube to begin leaking once more. Just place the tube into water and you will see tiny bubbles at the leak source. So what exactly is the following step now that we’;;ve found our leak?

It’s Glue Time

Looking into your tire repair kit, you notice that the contents not only include patches and glue but also a tiny piece of sand paper. Prior to you being able to make use of the glue, you’;;ll need to do a tiny bit of sanding about the hole in your tube. You are able to now get the glue out and open up the tube. Squeeze the glue onto your inner tube to ensure that it liberally covers an area bigger than the patch that you are going to utilize. Now that the glue has been applied you’;;ll now have to place it down and let it dry. That’s correct, till the glue dries or for about five minutes.

What’s Next Now That the Glue Has Dried?

The subsequent step is to remove a patch from your kit and drop it over top of the glued area in your inner tube, guaranteeing that there are no air bubbles caught underneath it. Believe it or not the glue will adhere to your patch despite the fact that it now feels dry.

You are Off – Once Again

This procedure is as basic as that. Time for you to place your inner tube and tire back onto your wheel rim. One last step though before the tire gets placed back on; take a look inside the tire to make certain that what ever had caused you the original flat tire will not do it again. After the tire is back on the rim you are able to re-inflate it back to normal cycling pressures. Time to get back to thinking about nothing at all but exactly where you’;;re going to go riding next.

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