How To Revive Bleached or Damaged Hair.

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Let me start of by saying, I have been there ladies. I was looking for a new change in my life after a heartbreak, and what better way than snazzing up my hair? Being that I never had any interest in having my virgin hair anywhere near bleach or dyes, my mother took the reins on finding a reasonable hair salon. What I wanted was to have the tips or an underlayer of my hair to be dyed blue, and being that I had very dark brown, waist long hair, I knew that what I wanted would consist of stripping my hair of its pigment. The head hairstylist and owner of the salon initially disagreed with my wishes, due to the fact that my hair was so healthy and long, he didn’;t understand why I would want to go through with. He even suggested that if I really wanted a new color that I go for some highlights, or even reds and oranges, but I demanded it to have my hair dyed an unnatural color; so many girls had the hair colors he suggested, and I did not want to be apart of the club. After prepping and washing my hair, another worker began the bleaching process, my mother even volunteered to help; she admits she was heartbroken watching my hair break and burn as she peeled the aluminum strips away from the selected portions. After about an hour of smelling the putrid fumes, and having my hair blowdryed and bleach quite thoroughly, the dye was added and once the color was set, he relayered my hair and after four grueling hours, the hair torture was over. When I got home I snapped a picture and uploaded it to facebook, but then I noticed some parts of my hair weren’;t all colored, my mom explained to me that it had been bleached so much that it could not hold the color. The next few days were a bit tough, the color was washing out, my hair became like silly string and pasta like, stretching and falling off in the shower. I watched as the hues of purples and blonde hair circled the drain. What was worse is that, I was throwing a birthday shindig and a few days before, I had an underlayer of tangled, coarse, blonde hair that seemed like it was scalped off of someone else and sewn to mine. The day of the party I went to a more professional salon and had my hair dyed a dark shade of burgundy which was nice and put me at ease, but I knew my hair would never be the same. But now, a year later, the burgundy has washed out little by little, giving it a slight orange/ light brownish tint, my hair has grown about four inches, the hair is no longer hay dry, it even has its own shine to it again. I’;ve come up with some new hair care routines that have greatly helped to tame it.

Updating Your Shower Routine

For shower time, be sure you obtain a moisturizing conditioner that will repair dry and damaged hair. I recommend that when you start your conditioning process that you give the bleached hair a little extra TLC.

  1. Massage the conditioner into the roots of the damaged hair andwork your way to the ends, until you feel that the section is completely covered in the product.
  2. Then, continue with your regular shower routine, make sure you give the conditioner time to set in though. 
  3. Next, gently, but thoroughly wash out the product under warm water, after your feel that most of the product is gone, but your hair still feels a tad smooth, rinse under cold water to lock in the moisture in your hair.
  4. When your start to dry your hair, wrap the towel around your hair and squeeze, don’;t ring or rub it out, this will just set you back.

Moisturizing Your Hair is VITAL!

  • Buy some argon oil or hydrating serum. I have found that even drugstore products under $5 really work, and will last you for a while
  • Follow the directions: its best to apply the oil or serum when your hair is damp. Get some of the product on your hands and massage it into the damaged/bleached parts. Then brush it through a couple times to make sure the product is spread out evenly. Then for best results, and if you have time, blow dry your hair; it doesn’;t have to be blowdryed until its 100% dry, just enough where your hair isn’;t dripping water and the product. 
  • I wouldn’;t say to do this routine every day, maybe every other or when it feels a little too dry or brittle.

Styling Your Hair

Styling hair in general can be a pain, but styling damaged hair will take a bit more care and understanding.

  • Note that your bleached hair will be more stiff and less flexible.
  • If you’;re used to using any heated tool for hairstyling, I suggest that you dial back the heat a bit. You don’;t need to crisp-ify your damaged hair anymore than it already may be.
  • Make sure to find a good heat protectant, and apply thatgenerously to the damaged hair.
  • When using a heated tool, you can’;t leave it on your hair for as long as you used to, be more gentle with it.
  • But be careful, excess use of the heated tools can result in leaving your hair eve nmore unruly and dry the next day, so be sure to give it some moisturizing TLC right away

Over time, and by following these tips, your hair should gradually become a stronger, healthier and more glossy. By replenishing your hair and giving it some extra nurturing, you’;ll become more adapted to your new hairstyle rather than debating to shave it all off. Good luck on the endeavor of reviving your hair!


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