Beyonce – Her Big Chop but still Perfectly Beautiful!

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BEYONCE ,  is one diversified singer who sings what she feels like.  She also endorses brands such as Pepsi, Tommy Hilfiger, and L’;Oréal. She’;s pretty much as successful as a celebrity can be, yet seems remarkably cool to boost.

Throughout her life she had faced every phase of her life like a proud woman. She makes every woman in the world proud. Her face and her beauty definitely have no comparison. 

Talking about old and new BEYONCE, both are the same but difference is only of her hairs. Now that she has chopped off her long, wavy, silky soft hairs she is now even more beautiful. What ever Beyonce does, she carries that in a perfect way and have the confidence to pull it off!

Just as Beyonce loves her new hair, everyone else does. Who doesn’t? And don’;t be a fool to say that you don’t!!

Her summer blonde tones of her short hairs gave her the perfect look. This soft and sexy beauty is beauty is going to Rock this summer. This bog chop of Beyonce hair will even make a bigger success in her life, that’s what is expected.

She cut her hair off because she is ready to make a statement and she has been successful to make one. Many of the celebs loves the new face of Beyonce and many congratulated her. A working woman, mom, superstar, businesswoman. She’s powerful in herself and now her new look is completely fabulous. The superstar singer, who is known for her trademark honey colored tresses, revealed an edgier short pixie crop. Before Beyonce had hardly sporting any hair style other than big, bouffant looks since entering into the music industry and now her cute pixie style has stunned the industry.

Beyonce, the superstar has started a new trend.

Beyonce, Queen B is one the most spectacular females in the world and absolutely pulls off this nifty pixie cut.

Now with this look she has made everyone proud all women around the world who have short hair now can move freely as one of the most successful singer support them. From all the singers Beyonce has stood up for them and now they should be comfortable and proud of their looks.

Beyonce took a one BIG step by donating her hairs to the cancer patients, that’s what shows her good heart with a warm personality. She just doesn’;t think about herself but about  others too. Her this kind act prover her feelings for poor as well.


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