Stretch Marks – Laser Treatment

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         Sometimes you feel very frustrating, when you see stretch marks on your beautiful skin. Stretch marks are the one of the biggest complaints in cosmetics. Stretch marks occur, when the skin stretches due to weight gain. The reasons behind stretch marks are many like weight gain, weight loss or after pregnancy. Human skin is like elastic and can be stretched. Stretch marks come, when the inner layer of the skin is stretched so much that it tears. You can’t deny that fact that stretch marks are permanent and very difficult to remove completely but they can reduce to some extent. Every woman hates those that some kind of stretch marks destroys their beauty. On the other hand, you have to think about the cost of treatment. It depends on how bad your stretch marks are? If you find any treatment very expensive then you have to consider again and again before you go ahead.

         But this is also a fact that you can’t live with stretch marks on your body. It does not mean that they are very painful or any harm to your body, they are just not very pleasant to look at. People who work with their body like models, they will definitely think about some kind of surgery or other treatment which would be very expensive.

         There are many treatments for stretch marks. Some treatments are natural, which takes some times to remove those stretch marks. But some treatments are new, which remove them instantly. In this new era of technology you have advance treatments for stretch marks. One of them is laser technique.

         Dye Laser: – There are different types of laser treatment that are used to minimize stretch marks. These different types of laser treatment target different types of stretch marks, which can be darker or white but the end goal remains same: to achieve smooth, healthy skin without stretch marks. When your stress marks become red, darker, laser could be very effective at reducing redness. For the darker and the red marks you should go for dye laser treatment.

         Fractional laser therapy: If the stretch marks are white, then the best idea is to treat with fractional laser therapy such as Fraxel. This laser therapy makes small injuries (does not hurt) where stretch marks are, leaving untreated skin in between. The untreated skin creates a response in the body that helps heal the treated areas quickly, replacing it with new and healthy skin. After some weeks of gap you can see your skin look like new and tight again.

         Laser treatment is not painful, but it’s true that you will feel some discomfort, which definitely is not painful. Just keep in mind, that the purpose of the laser is to help regenerate the amount of collagen and dead cell of your skin. You can take the advice of your doctor too. A Doctor can guide you what you should do.


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