Some Pregnancy Tips

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         Taking care of yourself during pregnancy is very important. Because you are taking care yourself as well as baby. Now this is the right time to consult your gynecologist, who will give you all the information about upcoming events, chart of diet, chart of medicines, means every information you need at that time. It does not mean that you do not need to care about anything. You have to be very careful about everything you eat, you do etc.

          During pregnancy the most important thing is your diet. You have to be very careful about your diet. Your gynecologist may not tell you what diet you should avoid. So you should speak with a nutritionist, who will tell you, what the right diet is for you at that time. You should avoid eating outside as outside food is not very healthy and hygienic. Be very particular about eating, eat a well-balanced meal. Particularly in summer time don’t eat outdoors because this time food gets spoiled easily. Stick to the chart your gynecologist gave you and follow the instructions of nutritionist.

          How you should sleep at night? At this time of your pregnancy this is hard to sleep in the same position. Most of the women at this time can’t sleep. But try to sleep on your left side instead of sleeping on the back. This position helps in optimal oxygen flow to your body.

          During your pregnancy, try to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Smoking and drinking are very harmful, not only for you as well as for your baby. Maybe you heard it somewhere that drinking wine is safe during pregnancy. But it is up to you that you have to drink it or not, because at that time all kinds of alcohol is dangerous for your baby. Sometimes the craving for alcohol is very strong but sometimes you can overcome it. Then consider opting for juice instead of wine. Even you can drink mild coffee once a day, there is no need to say that which is the better choice for you.

          Exercise is must during pregnancy. Go for a walk every day, you don’t need to jog or run, just walk as fast as you can. Sometimes, you will feel tired, take some rest and start again. Yoga is very beneficial for you at this stage, it helps you in breathing in and out. This exercise is very helpful at the time of labor.

          Reading is a good habit and whenever you read a book, read it loudly so your baby can hear you. Always read books, just keep in mind you are not alone, now your baby can hear you and enjoy all the things you enjoy. It does not mean that your baby would be a lover of literature in the future, but because it is a relaxing activity. Read some light and interested books don’t read depressing books. Read books like jokes mini stories, which keeps you fresh and happy and a happy pregnancy leads to a happy baby.

Listing to music is also a good habit. Listen soft kind of music is good for you and your baby. Continue to listen music after baby’s birth, it will soothe and relax you. These are some advices you can follow them and make your delivery painless.


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