Yoga Could be Beneficial For You During Pregnancy

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         Yoga is an ancient form of exercise, it provides peace of mind. Yoga also takes you to the heights of spirituality. If we search for the roots of yoga, it believed that, it is more than five thousand years old, but some of Indian people believe that this form of exercise created by Lord Shiva. Breathing is the center of the yoga and it consists of different kind of poses (asana). Each and every pose (asana) has its own different benefits and targets different areas.

          There are numberless stories about yoga’s benefits. Due to its qualities, now a day, it has become very popular amongst pregnant women. Prenatal yoga, prepare to expect mothers for the tough time, which is about to come soon. Yoga gives relaxation and peace of body and mind as well. Pregnant women likes it, because it ease them during pregnancy and makes the delivery process easy for them. If you are pregnant and practicing yoga then you need an expert’s guidance. Yoga prepares you both physically as well as mentally for giving birth to a baby.

What you will learn in yoga class: –

·       Breathing

·       Stretching

·       Postures

·       Cool down and relaxation

Benefits of prenatal yoga: – Research shows that prenatal yoga is very safe and can have many benefits for pregnant women and their babies. Yoga improves sleep and gives a good sleep to a pregnant woman. In the process of breath in and breath out, it relaxes the body, lessen the stress and anxiety. It increases the strength of the body and makes the body flexible needed for childbirth. It decreases lower back pain, headaches and shortness of breath.

Painless delivery: – Yoga helps you to learn how to breathe deeply in and out and relax, which could be a good experience during labor. Yoga can be helpful in painless delivery, gives comfort and less time in labor. According to the studies, yoga was very helpful during labor ( you all know how painful is giving birth to a child) and women who practiced yoga at least for 12 weeks had less pain in labor.

Helpful in good sleep: – When a lady is pregnant, it is very hard for her to sleep. In fact, during pregnancy every woman cannot sleep. But if at that time women go for yoga classes, it helps in sleeping.

It maintains the body shape: – Yoga helps in maintaining the body and reduce extra gained weight. During pregnancy women eat too much, sometimes more than their body and baby needs. This makes them fat and they gain extra weight, which is not necessary. But with the help of yoga pregnant women can control their extra gained weight.

It keeps mom and baby healthy: – Yoga helps in keeping pregnant women and their babies healthy. Prenatal yoga could help to prevent complications during pregnancy.

It increase flexibility and strength: – Yoga makes pregnant women able to breath deeply in and out. Also helps to increase their flexibility and strength, which they need in during labor (childbirth).

Every woman, who is pregnant should practice yoga, because it is helpful not only for women but also for their babies. Researches have proven that yoga leaves beneficial effects on the pregnant women.


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