What is the Bukisa Chain?

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What is the Bukisa Chain?

The secret of Bukisa is to read, read and read. The more each of us reads articles on Bukisa, the more money each of us earn.

A great thing about Bukisa is that you will get a lot of new knowledge and experience thins that you never thought of reading about earlier.

The Bukisa chain is a chain of great articles. You will be reading a lot of different articles on different subjects. You will learn new stuff that you never before thought of learning.

Join the chain and start reading right away J

  1. Read this article.

2. Be the first one to make a comment to this article with a link to one of your articles. Be sure not to post a link to an article that you have already posted earlier in the chain. Then the chain will just go in circles.

3. If you cannot be the first one to post a comment with a link, then follow the link, read the next article and so on until you find an article where you can be the first one to comment with a link.

4. If the chain starts to go in circles you can see if there is a link further down in the comments and follow that one instead.

Have fun reading and do only join the chain if you would like to read a lot of great articles. Not only to get views for your own article.


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