Increase Productivity with these 5 Online Tools

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When you’re working for “the man,” life at the office can get pretty frustrating. But when you’re operating your own business, your stress levels get to all-time highs. With so much to tackle each and every day, it can be difficult to keep our eyes on the prize. If we could improve our productivity, either as a freelancer or a small business owner, we wouldn’t feel as bogged down with the issues that arise in our daily lives.

It can be difficult to be productive at all times, and as we set goals for ourselves, we sometimes fall short because of our chaotic schedules. Sometimes you can’t schedule for the surprise conference call for a client when a project is hours away from deadline. Luckily, we have access to plenty to technology that can not only help us increase our productivity, but also help us achieve our business goals. If you’re looking for that little something extra to make you more efficient and productive throughout the work day, here are five online tools to check out.


Have you found it difficult to stay up with all of your company’s email needs? From reaching out to past customers, marketing to potential customers, and keeping up with daily emails, it could take a full-time employee just to keep up with your email volume. That’s where MailChimp, a twelve-year old web-based email platform, comes into play. This platform was designed to help you facilitate massive email traffic, both incoming and outgoing. With millions of users, MailChimp has trafficked billions of emails, so they’re well equipped to help you with your email needs.

MailChimp offers tons of different email templates for you to choose from, but also provides you the ability to design your own. Offering a well-designed, user-friendly system, MailChimp is among the most highly-touted email software tools on the market. You can decide to remove the chimp-inspired graphics, logos, and jokes from your templates, leaving all decisions up to you and allowing you the customization of an expensive email service provider.


Been wondering how you could possibly increase your outreach, and simultaneously, your revenue? WePay could be a potential solution for your company, with its online merchant services platform that doesn’t have recurring monthly charges. Providing you with online credit card processing, easy online invoicing and monthly payment processing, WePay is knocking on the doors of PayPal.

In an attempt to make a name for itself, WePay offers a relatively low 2.9% fee for all credit card transactions, but only charges 1% for all payments made from a bank account. If you aren’t already set up with a merchant services account, accepting credit cards on your company website is a great way to increase your revenue to allow you and your company to accomplish more.


A multi-module software platform, The Suite lets you manage various corporate dealings from one convenient hub. Allowing you to conduct invoicing, accept payments, schedule projects and estimate project lengths, FleetSuite truly is an all-in-one software platform. Skipping any apps that might take over your bandwidth and slow down your other software platforms during live internet use, you can rest assured that The Suite is on your side, blocking all spyware in the process. Accessible from a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone, FleetSuite comes with a 30-day free trial. You don’t have anything to lose; check out The Suite and see how it can help your company.


Have you ever been working on a project, and just as you’re getting stuck on something, you wish you could visibly show your partner the issue; only they’re out of the office? With over 600 million users around the world, Skype brings that capability to your office. With real-time video conferencing abilities, Skype allows you to initiate video chats with up to 25 different users at a time. So when you’re working on your next project, and you need a fresh set of eyes to see what could be done differently – and perhaps better – you won’t have anything impeding you. Skype offers free video chat for one-on-one video chatting, but also allows users to make calls to both landlines and cell phones for a minimal charge. If conference calls are an issue for you, or you need some assistance from an out-of-town employee, Skype is definitely worth checking out.


Created for those who don’t have the funds to hire additional employees, Odesk is the ultimate tool to put you in touch with a plethora of freelancers to help you complete the tasks that are wearing you thin. When you aren’t in the position to add to your work staff, Odesk is the perfect platform to help you receive the perfect freelancer for the job at hand. Allowing you to post your job description for free, Odesk then sends the job posting to its thousands of freelancers, allowing them to send you bids from around the world. Let Odesk help you free up your time today to continue moving your company in the right direction.

There are plenty of great online tools out there that will help you increase your productivity and revenue. These five have proven to work for thousands of small business owners and freelancers, and just might work for your company as well. One thing’s for sure; you’ll never know until you try them out.


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