Brow Potion: How to grow eyebrows

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We all know how important eyebrows are at shaping your face. Imagine Angelina Jolie with thin sparse brows. What a difference! Brows have gotten thicker and sexier throughout the years. Now for some reason there is this notion that you cannot grow eyebrows back after over plucking, or if you were never born with eyebrows they will never grow. Everyone has told me the same thing.

 Unfortunately, I was never born with perfect eyebrows like Angelina . My brows were barely there. Everyday, for years I had to draw my brows on and some days they were uneven or did not look like the day before. Plus that is 8-10 minutes out of my day just to draw on eyebrows. I have tried relentlessly to find something, anything that would just give me one extra hair. I even tried Rogaine on my eyebrows (which is not recommended) but I was desperate! My Friends sister from Iowa suggested I give Brow Potion a try. She gave me one of her potions for free. She told me all I had to do is apply a little at night and I will see results. So I did.

I am not sure if it was her faith or the potion but something started happening.

I started getting hairs, long thin hairs started growing right at the front of my eyes. I still was not sold because some products begin to work than stop. I used this every single night and after 1 week I noticed I had a few little hairs. The hairs were not enough to shape but I was so amazed because nothing else has given me anything remotely close to these results. 1 Month later my brows were lightly beginning to form a shape. I was able to shape them and have them shape my face. So for a while I was dyeing my brows because they were not thick enough. Now a month and a half later I don’t need anything, I don’t need to dye, I don’t need to draw.

Brow Potion is the only product that works for brow growth. They have amazing reviews and they are very affordable. They always have promotions. If you send them before and after pictures to use on the website they will add an ADDITIONAL discount on top of the discount you get for buying more than one product! Number One product out there for Brow Growth is by far BrowPotion. 


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