tiyula itum tausug delicacies and famous dish

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the procedure in preparing this dish is not an easy as i think but even though hardeness in cooking tiyula itum is does not matter for tausug poeople just to eat the food. tiyula itum come in many meat not just beef including chiicken,goat,caravao will do.but beef is the most commonly meat use by the tausug residient.

every occasion in our family or tausug people like wedding, baptizing ect.tiyula itum does not miss the  meno or serve in the table. as the tiyula itum has made ssure that its output  are delicious. so go ahead try to prepare the dish in your lunch and you will certainly feel the precious taste that brings.


slice the beef into cube then wash the beef thouroughly until the blood totaly remove. put it in aclean basin and prepare to marinate. but make sure3 all the equipments, ingredients need are well prepared.

in marinating the beef should be place in a clean basin then add the burn coconut ninto it.mix  the meat with the burn coconut add put 1 to 2 tablespon of oil add atlesst 1/4 cup of squeeze ginger both white and yello.

heat the pan in a low heat of fire put 2 to 3 tablespoon of oil saute the garlic first the follow by onion until it become brown.

 add/ put your marinated beef on the poan allow it to boil for about 5mins.cover the pan when you observe the meat become tender mix it well. the add the chilli ,pepper powder and seasoning then mix it thouroughly, boil for about 3mins the add the glass of coconu milk of 1L of coconut milk the allow it to boil for 10 t0 15 mins. ythe put some salt and let it boil another 5mins until thye meat already cook.


garlic and onion

ginger (white and yellow)


meat (beef, chicken,goat)

coconut milk and burn



pepper powder


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