When Love becomes a funeral lie

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When love becomes like a funeral lie, it may be time to say good bye, the moment you find out that a person is cheating on you, then it’s time to make a decision, which will benefit both parties, when relationship fail and the other person is not the same anymore, when that nice person becomes a bad person, and do things to hurt you, then it’s time to say goodbye.

When love doesn’t live here in your heart anymore and the taste of their persona is odorous, the moments spent together produces no lasting fruit of pleasure, but an exaggeration of tolerance then it’s time to say goodbye, when love becomes a lie, and the real boyfriend knows that his girl is like the back of a door that has suddenly shut in his face, making him more aggravated, the fire has long since gone out of the relationship, then it’s time for one of them to go.  

It’s a disturbing thought, one that usually hit home after the damage has been done, maybe you have been hurt and you are not able to  recover sufficiently but is still feeling the pain from the relationship, perhaps its fixed in your mind with more difficulties than you had imagine it would, What’;s most startling about this realization is that you don’;t normally feel the way you are feeling, if there is a sense of justification, it is this that whatever wrongfulness a person may do unto another person, in the end things will even itself out.

When love becomes a lie, you know you don’;t look or feel like the same way you use to feel, especially when face with unsolved emotions, raw nerves, and edgy thoughts blundering into aggression for revenge. You may walk pass things in the store window of shops that you would normally go into, but because you are so troubled, nothing else matters, apart from getting answers, to those questions that are profusely annoying.

The answer knows what to do about living the best life that you can, by mood altering with a different purpose, putting distance between the person and the pain, retreat to a safe shore where the hurts are wrapped in balm, and the festering has subsided passing on slowly like shadows from old rented houses.

 Life is for enjoying in the splendor of earth, with family, friends and beautiful love ones, at some point in this wonderful life we will be hurt by a partner or friend, it’s difficult to say how we will react, for each person will deal with their pain in different ways, one this is sure, there will come a day when the dark and dreary moments closed up the doors to happiness, when it is no more sunny and a smile is hard to come by, every suggestion by others is like a rock to stand upon and stretch the pain into nonexistence, till it becomes serene and the soul rejoins normality in the same world but with another person who may offer substantially more love and appreciation.

But it also could be a different world, far away from everything you knew as torment, betrayal, abused and misused a world away from lying, cheating and beating, a haven of rest for the wounded soul, design to bring you to the point of recovery. We want to make a full recovery after someone has hurt us, and after we have been through the mill, we want to come out reflecting as pure gold.


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