The weirdest dream I ever had (2)

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SO this one starts out when I am already asleep , I am sitting in my classroom and all of a sudden a herd , or I guess stormwaltz of rhino’;;s come storming past my classroom and I ask the teacher what is going on , she replies with “oh don’;;t worry , it is just the experiment of the religion class” and for some reason in my dream , this made sensce to me, and so I continiued making my imaginary test, and then all of a sudden a rhinoceros stormed into the classroom and skewered our teacher on his horn (now I know this is morbid but just keep reading), he then proceeded to grow human arms , with which he pulled her of his horn , and he then appoligised to her in indian accented english , he took off , and the teacher continiued teaching like nothing had happened , and once again for some reason this made sensce in my dream

But then the principal came into the classroom and started screaming at the teacher for no reason , and as he screamed louder and louder his head got bigger and bigger , and eventually it got so big it threatend to suffocate all of us , and suddenly I heard someone shout ” you must save us all , deflate the principal!” and seamingly from nowhere I suddenly had a pin in my hand stuck it in his head and he popped , and then I woke up in my bed , holding a pin in my right hand , and to this day I still have no idea what any of this meant.

altough the next day there was a carnaval for the second year in my school ad there was a class completely dressed like rhino’;s and the principall did scream at a teacher for no reason at all soooo yeah…


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