The weirdest dream I ever had (1)

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So the first one starts of like this:

It is late at night (in real life) , I am 13 years old and I was trying to fall asleep , but I was doing that thing where you look at the clock and count the hours you have before you have to wake up for school , so I wasn’;;;t going to fall asleep anytime soon, however…

as I looked at the clock once more I noticed it said “80:50” ad at first I though I was just not reading it right because I didn’;;;t have my glasses on , and so I put on my glasses (in my dream already at this point) and sat on the edge od my bed took my alarm clock and looked at it closely , but it kept saying 80:50 and so I was sort of creeped out at this point , so I got up , put it back on the nighttable , walked to the bathroom , answered natures call , got back in bed, and tried sleeping again (I know right , sleeping in your dream? sleepseption)

and suddenly I heard the annoying sound of my alarm clock , the generic electric sound that pisses you off the second you hear it , and I open my eyes (still in the dream) and see my mom standing next to my bed , and then she starts saying gibberish , and suddenly she stopped talking and her mount opened and closed in sinc with the alarm clock sound , and then she screemed “turn that damn thing off!!” and continiued opening and closing her mouth in sinc with the alarm clock , and suddenly I burt awake wide eyed t the sight of my mother bursting through my door and slamming the alarm clock on the ground , apparently she had been yelling at me for 10 minutes to turn my alarm clock off , and I had somehow dreamt that she was making the noice…..

You have to admit that this is weirder than weird?


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