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Blogging is not only an Internet buzz now, it is a career for some. How nice would it be if you can make Blogging as a Career? I am sure many people on the Internet has gained knowledge on how to earn money with a blog. Typically most people get to earn with Google Adsense or AdBrite with a blog. By posting the advertisements linked to the affiliate website, bloggers are able to tap on the number of visits to earn a stipulated amount of money.

Introducing Squidoo, a website that allows bloggers to use the provided web space to put up a page just like a blog. The mechanics are no different from blogging, in fact it is better in terms of the number of tools provided to publishers to optimise the pages. In Squidoo, each of such ‘blog’ is known as ‘lens’. Squidoo payment to publisher is based on advertisement revenue sharing. It simply means the more visitors you get to your website, the more money you would earn.

The most important tip for earning with Squidoo is not to do up a page or rather a ‘lens’, you need to do up a few ‘lens’ to maximise your earning. The topic to write about should not be limited to a specific area, there should be diversification. Apart from the type of content to write about, it is also critical to promote the pages with powerful tools like social bookmarking like Diigo and social networking websites like Twitter.

The key advantage of Squidoo over regular blog is that, you need to bother about how to post advertisements or what advertisements to post on your blog. Because setting up advertisements can be selected as one of the content from the publishing tools. You can even set it to random and let Squidoo choose what advertisements to run on your lens.

This website is also one of the hottest social website (Web 2.0) that enable interactions between publishers and sharing information and knowledge with one another.


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