Taylor Swift earns Good Karma!

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She dined at the restaurant after her appearance at Lincoln Financial Field last Friday. She had chicken parmesan and she tried a tomato salad as an appetizer.  The owner of the restaurant was more than happy to discuss her visit. Edward Rubino called her an amazing person, which she proved with her generous $500 tip. 

Taylor Swift along with Austin Mahone and Ed Sheeran arrived around 11:30 p.m. and left around 2 a.m. They also posed for a picture with the staff of the restaurant before they left the premises.

When she arrived at the restaurant, security blocked off the roads but once the word got out that she was dining at the restaurant, many people arrived to speculate. Due to the large amount of people outside the Italian restaurant, she had to leave out the backdoor.

She left the $500 tip on top of her $800 bill. She also provided the staff with tickets to her next show. According to E!, she gave those tickets to the head chef because his autistic son was a huge fan.

 “My son is 11. It was my son and I’s first concert we’ve ever been to! It was really special,” the chef told E!.

In order to pay back Taylor for her kindness, the restaurant picked up the tab for Swift’s security team. The security team dined separately from the main group.

Taylor Swift has done many nice things like this in the past. She made a little girl’s dream come true who was seriously ill just a few weeks ago. She arranged a special meet and greet with the little girl during her Vancouver stop. Taylor Swift’s Red Tour will continue till the end of September.

Her actions make everyone happy and make her more famous for all the good reasons. She surely earned a ton of good karma and we can only hope that she will be rewarded in the near future. We can definitely count on her to do more good deeds like this in the future.


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