My Opinions For Raising Successful Children

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I have been a Mother for 29 years now. I am Blessed to have a wonderful son and daughter. I have learned by trial and error (sorry kids). I am blessed beyond words…funny, coming from a writer. Besides the fact that The LORD guides me in all that I do…I am free to choose well or to not to choose well. That being said…I have much to say about Motherhood…but THE single most important thing, act, response or demonstration to raising successful children…LOVE THEM ABUNDANTLY!!!

My children will definitely say that I had my days and my moments…but they will resoundingly add that they felt and still feel loved!!! Love is a catalyst to all success in everything in life!!! Love can heal wounds inside and out. Love can dry tears without a tissue. Love tells one they can do it, see it, learn it. Love says I belong and I matter. GOD created us to love and be loved. 1 John 4:19 (NIV) We love because HE first loved us. So let your love flow always and in all things.

Unless your child is learning disabled…there is absolutely NO excuse for failing to learn and do well in school. I told my children they had no excuse…so although my expectations were high, I also told them I would work with them should there be challenges. Giving them no choice but to succeed in school, while always being an active participant (involved Mom) will assure your children’;s successs. You are essentially telling your children that they matter, their education is your education too. Every aspect of their lives is your life too…why…because they are loved!!!

No matter what the challenge…display your Motherdom with love!!!


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