Garage Sale Treasure Hunting – Tips and Tricks

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Think of going to these types of sales as if you were going on a treasure hunt. Treasure hunts take time and persistence since you will likely have to go to several garage sales before finding that special jewel.

Use, Classifieds and Craig’s List

Look for times when sales are most popular in your particular area. You can even set up email alerts at to let you know when the garage sales are taking place. This is a great feature as it will allow you to schedule and map out all of the garage sales that you would like to go to in a particular day.

Make sure to read newspapers and check several online sites as well. Pay particular attention for estate sales and moving sales as these are the types of sales where people are clearing out attics and closets and you may just find that treasure that you have been looking for.

Even when you are not planning on going out to garage sales always look for signs at intersections. You can make a quick unplanned stop at one of these sales and possible find exactly what you have been looking for.

Before you head out on a scheduled garage sale day make sure to look over the relevant ads on and then map out a route that will allow you to go to the most amounts of sales with the least amount of driving possible.

Get There Early

When planning a day of shopping at garage sales it is best to start the day bright and early. When making your list of garage sales create a map that includes visiting the sales that start the earliest first.

While there are advantages of getting to sales early, do not hesitate to stop at a garage sale later in the afternoon as you never know what you may find there. While most of the time getting there early is beneficial, there are times when some treasures are left for those that come later in the day.

If you do not see something that you are looking for make sure that you always ask if they have anything else for sale. For example, if you collect cookie jars make sure to ask if they have any. Some people may simply remember something that they have in storage that they forgot to put in the garage sale and you may just end up with a great new treasure.

Make Sure to Negotiate

The final thing to remember when looking for treasures at garage sales is to negotiate the price. If you find something that you have been looking for and know how much it is really worth, try to get the price down as much as possible. Remember, the person selling the item is trying to get rid of it so the advantage is with you. 


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