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In university life projects come at every point in each semester. Enjoying life in university with doing projects being a group leader is tough though you enjoy it too.

It was one of my summer semester of Lahore School of Economics course environmental Economics, and when we came to know that we are being taught by Shumaila Chaudhry, we were pretty shocked as she was famous  for being one of the torturous instructors of our university who hardly give grades and hardly appreciates any good projects. My class was like “we are doomed.” I appreciate the fact that she is a good instructor but a tough one. Classes passed and when it came the time of doing projects and she explained well.

I along with my group members chose the topic, Smoking in Lahore School of Economics, one of her favorite ones. As our project was based on Lahore School of Economics so she was really interested in our project. This is what made us worried. If the project wasn’t up to her expectation then there was no way we were going to get a good grade in our project and course. As time passed I made subheading of the project and divided the project along with one of my friends to other members. The main thing in this project was doing the cost and benefit analysis of smoking inside the campus. Costs to university and students; smokers and nonsmokers, Benefits to smokers from smoking. This project was a major part of the course.

 I use to go to her for asking questions and clearing any ambiguities regarding project. Life isn’t easy when you are the one who is allocating stuff to your group members and asking them to do in time; you have to remain calm and consistent so that you get the work on time for compilation. I had to bear rude attitudes of the other and their lame excuses of delaying their submissions. I did that major lengthy part of the project alone. Taking help from the costs of other projects and finding information from internet.  It wasn’t easy as I had to find the cost of cleaning the environment but the cost I normally found was the overall cost not just from the smoke of Cigarettes, after finding for many days I finally found it.

When it came the time to project submission and presentation, we all were careful not to make any useless slide or make any confusion regarding any stuff in her mind. We successfully gave the presentation. To our surprise she appreciated the project and I got surprised the most when she said that I really liked your costs and benefit analysis as it fits for university. While presenting the costs of smoking she was satisfied as I could guess this from her expressions. In the end she said that your this project is really good and this is going to the dean of Lahore School of Economics for an overview, and if he feels like then you are going to present this presentation in front of him too. The outcome that wasn’t really expected but still it happened. We all were too happy about this; especially I was because all our hard work in the end gave a really good ending. She in my group of 6 people appreciated my and one other friend presentation giving method.

 When the result was announced, we were the group who got the highest marks in the report and in the presentation. This was one of the happiest moments of my life. This project is going to remain with her and will be in university for future use. How much you have just been patient and remain calm. What I learnt from this project is that never fear the instructor. Understand her mind, what she wants so this is what’;s going to help you in future too, working with colleagues and boss.


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