How to Make Money Online – Without Morals

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So you want to make money online? Well, surprisingly this can be easy. You can even make good money on the internet, it just requires hard work. Unless you don’t mind getting dirty. The it can be quite easy, you just have to not care what people think of you. Or keep your work really, really private. Here are three ways to make money online the evil way:

Sell an E-Book

I don’t mean an actually worthwhile and valuable one either. You know those websites, the ones designed in a single column and with loads of capitalised letters and highlighted passages. And that have customer reviews that seem genuine. After all, how can they not be? They have pictures! And signatures!


Doesn’t that scream reputable? (source)

Well these actually work. People desperate to make money online or playing video games will pay good money for these. So what do you do? Write your own EBook, or buy reseller rights to one that already exists, set up a website for the sole purpose of selling it and advertise your website. Get ready for the money to come rolling in.

Adult Affiliation Website

You don’t even have to produce your own content for this. Just setup a website which embeds content from other adult video hosting websites (no, I don’t know any. I have morals) and update as frequently as you can. Fill the blank space up with advertising ( make sure your advertising company allows adult websites as publishers) and link to other adult websites. Send around e-mails asking for linkbacks to your website and eventuly people will start coming to your site. Just like regular websites, if you update frequently (say, 3 new videos a day) people will keep coming back for more. It’s a sad fact that adult content sells on the internet, and it sells well. Alternate between “hosted” (ie embedded) videos and outbound links (trading traffic works no matter what type of website you’re running) and you should see your viewer pool grow and your income grow along with it.

Setup a Proxy Server

Not too hard to do. Use a script like CGI Proxy you can setup a proxy website for students and workers to browse freely while in school. Ensure you put in an adblock of some kind in the header bar and you should make a decent amount of money. The only problem is if you get popular, schools and businesses will start blocking access to your website eventually. So if you do decide to go this route, don’t buy more than a year of hosting and domain name at once. You may have to setup multiple proxies to ensure you keep ahead of the forces of good, and finding a hosting company that will let you do this is hard. Nigh-impossible as a matter of fact.


Well, that’s that. If you do decide to follow one of these routes to make money I take no responsibility. And don’t come to me for any more help either!


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