How To Lose Weight With Yoga

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             Today, this is a big question that how to lose weight? There are many techniques to lose weight, yoga is one of them. Perhaps you tried lots of techniques to lose your weight, if you still fighting, then you should try yoga. This is an ancient technique, which works very well. Yoga is like a spiritual route to a relaxed mind and healthy body. The report says, big celebrities like, Jenifer Aniston, Liv Taylor, Madonna and Halle Berry do it, which means it works.

             But, it is also true that most types (asana) of yoga are very far away from calories-burning. A 200-pound person can burn 150 calories in an hour by doing yoga. Researchers believe that yoga can help to reduce some fat. There are many types of asana which are very helpful and easy to do in everyday life.

Duchakrasana: – lay down straight on yoga carpet in relax position (in position of shava) your hands should touch the floor. Then stop breathing and lift your both legs 30 degrees. Then start with your left leg, move your leg like you are cycling, do it like 20-30 times then stop.

             Do the same process with your right leg, do it one by one, first left then right. Keep in mind that you have to do it without touching your feet to the floor. You have to make a circle in the air with each leg. If you feel tired take some rest, then do the same exercise in the opposite direction. It seems to be very easy, but when you will do it, you will realize that how difficult this exercise is. This exercise will put some pressure on your stomach.

             Then in the next exercise you have to do the same thing (cycling) but with your both legs together. Inhale breathes and bend your one leg (any) from the knee near to the chest and other leg is straight (keep in mind how to cycling) same thing, we have to do it like we are cycling.

Padvitrasana: – lay down straight on yoga carpet in relax position (in a position of shava) your hands should touch the floor. Then lift your right leg 30-35 degree and move your foot clockwise, do this exercise 15-20 times without touching the floor. Do the same exercise with your left foot. After you complete this, you can do the same exercise but this time anti-clockwise. When you finish this you can do this exercise with both feet together clockwise and anti-clockwise. If you feel tired, you can have some rest in between.

             These exercises look like they are very easy but you will feel, how difficult and effective they are while doing these exercises. These exercises will help you to reduce some extra fats from the body.


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