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well this is basically for teenagers who feel long distance relationps suck and are really difficult to maange.. well i got some news for u guys.. i know most of ul might have to break up with your guy/girl because of long distance where the matter of trust comes in.. but its not always tru that ur partner wil be cheating on.. though there are 60% chances that the guy/girl your dating has a fling somehwere and you dont even come to know.. but the rest 40% are stil in ur favor.. if u know how to handle it u wil never be lost neither ul have to face a nasty break up where u get into depression and start havin narcotics..

well i am in a long distance relationship since 3years now.. my boyfriend is in a different country.. we get ot meet only once a year.. and honestly to telll you its not that difficult and neither i felt the need to cheat on him.. our parents dont agree on us being together but still we are caryying our relationship.. some people find it very easy to be in a long distance and also have fligs in their area but if you really love someone the distance doesnot matter.. all you need to do is talkin over the phone and waste helll lot of money of talking and sendin gifts from abroad

every person has this mis conception that long distance relationships never work but according to me they are bang on..!! the hardest part is the time when you miss your partner.. you feel like leaving evrything and coming back to him/her but u know u just cant.. sometimes you just have to keep all your emotions behind and wait for the right time.. and obviously if ur truly in love then it will work out somday and you will hav the time of your life * this is what i am hoping for* 

well relationship is all about love.. not only physical but emotional too.. and i guess long distance gives u a stronger emotional bond which can never break.. so if ur in a long distance and reading this just have faith and trust in ur guy/girl and think about ur bright future.. you will be together… just dont cheat and believe in love..!!

in my next article il tell you about how to keep your guy/girl in control when ur in a long distance.. as i told said im in a long distance since 3 years now so im quite experienced and my boyfriend is mad after me.. its not that difficult just a few things thats it.. wait for my next one..


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