How Much Of a House Can I Afford?

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Since buying his or her own house they struggle whole of their life and save money with the hope that one day they will have their own house which will be only and only of them. For buying their own house they suppress their desires and sacrifice a lot of things just with one ambition that one day they will live in their own house.

But the question is why they desire for a house?  Every person wants to have a place where he can relax. He wants to make a place where his near and dear one can feel secure and where his privacy maintains. Home is the place of sanctuary, respite and transformation. After entering into the house or home the personality of the person tries to regain its original appearance. The house is the reflection of the one’;s mind and thought and his personality. For this purpose he tries to furnish his house according to his desires and thoughts and each room and part is the reflection of the mind of the person. Feng Shui gives us few principles about how positivity a house can bring in our life and these principles are that each room is clutter free. And front door of the house is the entrance place of the fortune and wealth so try to decorate it with red things such as red rose plant. Furnish the home with the all the element such as with metal sand and wood. And try to bring the natural things in your room because nature creates serenity and calmness in the environment. These entire things are said in the house which is the place where person spend most of its spare time.

So he has a desire to buy his own house. After all the struggle and efforts in some stage of his life he is able that he can buy a house for him self. But now question is how much of a house he can afford. There is the clash between desire and reality. Of course every one desire more than his value an so usually most of the person goes towards the desire first and they realize that all the witches aren’;t coming true because the he was crying for the moon. His saving is not enough that he can buy a house of his desire. He want a big spacious house where he each and every kind of facilities are available such as wide lush green lawn in front of the house spacious room and drawing room and state of the art kitchen and many other facilities that one can desire who not have it’s own house. Now he thinks that’s all the wishes come true and he try to buy such a house in the limited amount of money that at least have basic necessities of life. But these are old thing that money limit the desire of the person now there are many banks and firms are in the market who will give you the house loan so that you can buy a house of your desire. These house loans might be long term and for short terms. They give the loan according to the credit history of the person and now you can buy the home any time. There is no need to spend and save money whole of your life that one day he or she might have his or her own house. House loan facility will give you lump sum money at a time and you can buy a house of your desire. What you have to do is pay them these loans in the installment. These installments might be monthly or annually. Now the question is how much loan can I borrow and to what extent these loan help me to buy a house of my desire. So the how much of house can I afford is again depend upon the how much of loan can I pay back.


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