Work harder on your yourself than you do on your Job

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WANT A FORTUNE? WORK HARDER ON YOURSELF! Ads by Google Free Prophecy For You Get God’;s Plan For You in 2013. Receive Your Free Written Prophecy! 3-Minute Chakra Test Take the Free Chakra Test to Find Out Which of Your Chakras Are Weak Knowing your Personality Most detailed Personality Assessment on the Internet WANT A FORTUNE? WORK HARDER ON YOURSELF! WANT A FORTUNE? WORK HARDER ON YOURSELF! “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job you will earn a living which is good but if you work harder on yourself you will earn a fortune”. These are words of wisdom I recently came across while listening to a clip on Youtube from Jim Rohn, one of the greatest Motivational Speakers. I have come across so many motivational speakers and words of wisdom in my day to day interactions with people and various information sources but these words have had a profound impact on my life. You may ask why? Many of us have been working very hard. We worked hard in school and therefore got a chance to go to the university. We then worked hard to get a job and since then we have been working hard to get a promotion and rise through the career ladder. That is fantastic. As I thought through the whole concept of working harder on myself than my job, I realized that it is in increasing one’s self worth that one can progress in life. Hence, the centrality of self or personal development in the life of every manager, me included. So what is personal development? It is about becoming a better you in all aspects. As Jim Rohn notes, the best contribution you can give to others is self development. Let’s simplify this.

You can only bring up happy children if you are happy yourself. If you have picked up a lot of knowledge, you have something to share with your children. If you are healthy, then you can teach them what healthy living is all about. Therefore self development is the best gift you can give your children. On the contrary, self sacrifice brings contempt. Jim challenges parents that they have to take care of themselves first before they do the same to their children. Put differently, self development is about making yourself attractive. It is about becoming a splendid parent, an excellent spouse, a good colleague and a friend. Personal development means that one must define clear goals on what they want in life. Here are some lessons that I picked up from Jim Rohn on goal setting: What do you want in life? Get a note pad and a pen and jot down what you what in your life. Write down your all the goals you want to achieve in various aspects of your life. Write down business goals, benevolence goals, holiday goals, investment goals, health goals, spiritual goals, career goals.

To help you do these, ask yourself questions such as what skills do you want to acquire to be where you want to be in life? What habits should I drop and which ones should I acquire to succeed? Which people do I want to meet and which destinations do I want to travel and have a holiday? Do you want to play golf? What kind of education do you want for your children? Which books must you read? Which hobbies do you want to start and what skills do I want to team my children and write them all down. Put timelines Against each goal put a timeline such as one year, five years and ten years. Then sort out the goals according to the allocated timelines and group them together. Start with those that you have allocated one year and get a list of four or five goals that really turn you on. Then describe the five goals you have picked a little more. For example, I want a million dollar home overlooking the beach. According to Jim, the more the why gets stronger the how becomes easier. This will discourage laziness and make the goals more vivid in your mind and consequently increase your appetite to act. Whom should I become to succeed? Then ask yourself a fundamental question. What kind of person must I become to achieve all that I want in life? The more you become that person them more you achieve what you want and the more you become the kind of person you want. If you need more skills to get what you want, then go back to school or go to the internet or read books. Jim notes that it is amazing the amount of information that is available to those who want to seek more knowledge.

If you need to invest, find ways of using your time to make more money. Jim narrates that once he told his mentor, “this is all the company pays’ as he showed him his miserable payslip. The mentor was quick to disagree. “No Jim, this is all the company pays you. Aren’t there other people who are paid more in the company”, he asked. This left Jim thinking. If you are employed, ask yourself what more value can you bring the company to increase your self-worth? Beyond the working hours, see what you can start doing to earn you more money to make your investment dreams a reality. In short take action towards achieving your goals by making concrete and calculated moves. As you succeed on your initial list, add more to your plate. Be positive. Open your mind to a world of possibilities. However, Jim cautions that can one should become aware of who they become in pursuit of what they want. There is danger in becoming obsessed with our ambition and in turn compromising your family, friends and ones value system. I have embarked on this journey and bit by bit I am starting to experience incremental successes and I am loving and celebrating every bit of it, challenges and temptations notwithstanding. I invite you to join me and if you are already ahead, encourage those who are just started. Then let’s share notes.


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