Being A Radio DJ

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Being a Radio DJ must be so cool people think. get into the studio talk , and get paid . Bonous- you get to meet people from all walks of life , you meet celebreties, millions are tuned into your show

.Reality is slightly have a boss called PD or Programming director- most of the time with less domain knowlege then you do. some bad managers will try and push you out of the company and bring in their won people , they feel secure with people who know less then they do. makes them feel  good .

politics is very in a programming [creative]team in a radio staion , because your work is qualitative and not quantitaive . so its very easy to say it was nonsene. thank god there is a radio audiance measurement[RAM] .

If  you show is number 1 on RAM , your boss cant mess with you , other thentaking credit for your job.God Save you if your RAM is low..

there is extensive research that goes into a show. what do people like ? what do they listen to at this time of the day? where are they listening to radio ? how do i keep my listeners engaged? how does my entire show sound? is the soundscape ok or is it jarring ?why will what I am talking intrest a listener?

and then comes the post show reports.and of course end of the year your company during your appraisal will ask why was you contribution to other DJs show? nothing? wow you are very selfish , you are not a team player.

you always have tips for other DJs you are nosy and very judgemental . please try to be a team player . 

your show is doing well, – no you cant take off , show numbers might crash if you are on leave.

Your show numbers are not doing well- well how can you even imagine that you will get leaves while yur show is in sucha critical stage.. 

either way you dont win 🙂


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