My Thoughts About Friendship

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Friendship is a bond between two or more people. It is a relationship of mutual affection and love. Friends may quarrel but they still stay together because they knew the value of the bond. Friendship has certain characteristics such as

  • Trust
  • Kindness
  • Mutual understanding
  • Benevolence
  • Affection and love
  • Care etc.

Friendship is a gift where nobody can understand it. In friendship they solve each other’s problem, encourage you for everything, advice each other when in need and gives their shoulder when you cry. They are like your parents when you are away from your home.

In my point of view friendship is such a wonderful feeling as I have got beautiful friends. They guide and help me out in lot of things. They are pillar for my growth. I have struck in lots of problems they gave their hands to pull me out. Not only in problems even when I am happy they are the first person to be happy.   

People won’t expect anything in friendship. Friendship may vary from place to place and tend to share their personal and interest that nobody can understand. Mostly friends encourage you to grow more in your life. Without friends life has no more interesting things.

Friends laugh together, cry together, hug together and they are the precious thing in your life. In friendship two people long for each other even though they don’t have any gains from each other. This real bond shared between two peoples cannot be separated at any cost.

But friendship is full of understanding and the feelings remain same for more than one. A deep friendship can be converted into love. For your information friendship is not a contract to get something back it is just to feel good for your relationship.

Good friend’s takes own interest on your wish and make it to move smoothly. Friendship is one of the intense vibrations within your heart to fulfill your closed ones need. This is my opinion about the bond between true friends.

Thank you.


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