How to Make Toast

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Toast is derived from bread. Bread is a type of loaved edible sponge, made from wheat and yeast. Now, there are many ways to cook toast. This article aims to give you a few different options, depending on your tastes.

Option 1 – Toaster

This option is the most common, as you will find most homes have a toaster. You probably just realised that even you have a toaster. A toaster can give you a fairly high grade piece of toast, however I would not recommend using a toaster if you are cooking toast for guests. If a toaster is your only option, I will teach you how to use it. Your toaster will most likely include a dial. This dial acts as a resistor and controls the temperature inside the toaster. Now, if you have spare time, I would like to see you set this low. All good toast is cooked slow. However, if time is of importance to you, you can set the temperature a little higher. Anyway, thats pretty much the toaster out of the way.

Option 2 – The Open Flame

The open flame produces an extremely tasty piece of toast, however, it is not for everyone. If you like woodfire pizzas etc. you will probably enjoy open flame toast. The open flame can produce a smokey or firey-tasting piece of toast. Within this ‘Open Flame’ category there are two sub catogories. The wood fire flame or the gas flame. The gas flame is certainly easier, but it’s not as authentic or flavouresome as a piece of toast cooked by wood fire. Once again, the choice is yours. To cook toast with open flame, you will need tongs or some other kind of holding device to hold you toast. You must not hold the toast too close to the flame, as burning will occur, and sometimes, flames may begin to appear on your toast, as if it were on fire. If this occurs, do not try to save the toast, simply let it burn in the fire, grab yourself another piece of bread, and try again. So thats about it for open flame toast, certainly a wise choice, especially if you are entertaining.

Option 3 – Oven

The oven can produce another acquired piece of toast. It’s somewhere in between a toaster and an open flame. The oven is certainly more time consuming, and energy consuming. However, if toast is really that important to you, which it shouldn’t be, you can use the Oven. To cook toast in the oven, you will most likely want to set it on the ‘grill’ setting, and turn the oven to around 160 degrees celcius. Remove the toast around 4-8 minutes later, keeping a close eye on it, too make sure it doesnt burn. This method will not work unless you have an oven, so before you start, make sure you have one. Once again, most people have ovens. So if your not sure if you have one, I would just assume that you do.

Option 4 – Bread

This is the final option, and is very simple. For those people who like bread more than toast, this is the option for you. For this option, you simply do not make toast. You leave your piece of toast as a piece of bread.

So there you have it. The complete guide to cooking toast. It seems fairly complicated but if you use this guide properly you shouldn’t have any problems.


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