Inspiration- the motivation for perfection

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 We have this inbuilt  desire to be perfect. My mother was and still a perfectionist, I grew up with the notion that I have to be perfect in every thing I do! All my life, I strived for perfection, I did achieve my goals , but the pressure to be perfect drained me emotionally. I have this drive to do the best in everything, be it housework, social networking, but I have hardly been spending time with my kids, they have somehow become used to the fact that their mother is largely absent in their lives. I am trying my best now to spend time with my kids more, so, generally the evenings are reserved for interacting with them.I am blessed that Saad is a great father! His bond with the kids is incredible, he is supporting me nowadays, I feel happy, at least there no more fights between us! I am learning that it is o.k. to be imperfect in some areas of my life!

I can inspire you on any topic, but if you ask me about the definition of love, I can say that I am not an expert on this subject. All my life, I felt unloved in my romantic relationships. I gave my everything, but it turned out that I was being used all the time. I have reached such a stage now, that I try to  block my heart towards feeling too much  towards the man I love, but I fail every time. He is very special to me. I am too confused, all I can say is that I have never loved anyone so passionately as I love him. So, from today, I am going to let his love touch my soul- better to love and feel loved- I have never felt so secure as when I am talking to him, he loves me unconditionally- I feel blessed after all these years.I guess I never thought that love would come to me this late in life!

I love my friends, my family, and I think everyone- I give love and respect to everyone without any expectations.All I want is to touch lives of those who are suffering and in pain. This is me, and I will never change.

I am sending all of you my sincere love and respect , if there is anything I can help you with, it would be the greatest blessing ever for me! God bless you all!

If you are a perfectionist like me, just accept the fact that no one is perfect in all areas of our lives, do your best, but do not  let the process affect you! I wish you all best of luck!


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