Why You can’t Say ‘No’ to your Child’s Smart Phone Monitoring

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Buying your child a high tech smart phone without planning to have tabs on how your child uses it is no less than letting himperform the ritual of Hara-Kiri! The Internet and the communication technology aresimply too much for a kid to have it all. The age of information blast is also the age of wrong information blast and surely you’ll not want your child to become a part of it, or will you?

This makes monitoring your child’s smart phone a crucial step to take. In fact, it would be better if you plan for the monitoring part right at the time of purchasing the phone for your child.

Below are the things that come as bonuses with your child’s smart phone and nothing but a proper monitoring helps in keeping them away.

Online dangers of Predators and Criminals

Internet is full of predators and criminals who are always ready to make the most of the innocence of the kids with technology. So, your child will get online and naively communicate with unknown people without knowing the possible consequences. These criminals smartly take the secrets out of your child and use them against him to extort money or for some other dangerous things.

Cyber Bullying

Your child can be a victim of cyber bullying with his high tech smart phone as these intelligent gadgets make it far easier for the bullies to reach their victims than the older technologies. Parents generally get to know what their kids are doing when they access the Internet or play games on their computer sets but the mobile nature of the smart phones makes it difficult for the parents to know what their child is doing. This lets the bullies to play far dirtier tricks than ever.


Teens are crazy no doubt, but sometimes their crazier moves like sexting not just make them vulnerable and put them in trouble but ruin their entire reputations and make things go completely out of control.

Loss of non-verbal communication cues

Talking for hours on the phone or texting, sharing pictures, audio/video files and chatting through whatsApp, BBM, and other similar application make the user lose the non-verbal communication cues like using right facial expression or the proper use of the body language. This is one of the major disadvantages of using smart phones for communicating all the time. Kids must be taught to communicate directly and socialize with people in real to learn the important communication tactics.

How Monitoring Proves Beneficial?

When you install a cellphone monitoring application on your child’s smart phone, it lets you know if your child is giving away any confidential information to the strangers in his naivety and you can stop the action there and then by restricting the cell phone use.

Your child may feel awkward to tell you if he is being bullied or it can be a more damaging fear surrounding him. But when you monitor your child’s cell phone activities you know exactly what messages get dropped in his inbox and what replies he sends to them. Same is true for your child’s making and receiving calls, Internet surfing, and so on.

Your child may promise you that he won’t be using the phone for more than a certain number of hours and meet his friends in the real but only monitoring reveals the truth about his promise! And by blocking several of the regular features of the phone you can help your child to overcome the phone addiction and learn to live the life in the real by meeting real human beings!


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