LIFE:way to look towards a problem

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Let’;;;;;s start from our birth…obviously!!!!! we all took bith and came to this world which changes its colours everytime.That age from birth till 5-6 years was fabolus…with no worries and tension about future .But now the journey continues after we enter a school and the exceptation of parents and most of the time society also pays attention to our life…BUT WHY????? 

This is our life.!!!! as the time passes and we reach adoldesence age the only race is to get a job and start earning money.Problems increases and stress usually crowed each and every single person in some or the other way,and finally the result is people stop to enjoy this life .Take a deep breath and take atleast 5 min from busy schedule to think that this human life given to us was after a struggle of about 6 lakh lives.

One of the biggest issue is how we see our problems. Seeing our problems as problems always increases a problem and this is done by most of us….why don’;;;;;t we stop our way of looking to our problems. If we see our problem as a daily routine not as a problem and thinking and wasting time on thinking about it….will be solved and not matter what u will see that it really works and our time is saved and the work is completed without a lot of stress and getting less time issue…As we all have the same 24 hours..!!! 🙂

Crying,race for money,problems are all part of life.These are just a way to test our strength and may be GOD wants to check whether the human life which he gave to us was worthy or not.Those who believe in god (he has different name in different religion….but he is one ) this is for them…think before complaing to him about the problems faced by each and everyone of us. if he gave u any problem their will always be a solution…i loght of hope…always hidden in your difficulties open your eyes and see it…don’;;t close your eyes out of anger,ego,…etc .


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