Morning Rituals that Increase Daily Productivity

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It is no less than profound how a little bit of the right morning routine does so much in increasing your effectiveness and productivity for the rest of the day. After all, it is only in the morning when we wake up into a clear slate, to a restart point, to a moment brimming with possibilities.

So of much of daily productivity has something to do with right mindset, and acquiring the right mindset requires you to have a strong start to your day. While checking your email and chugging down a large mug of coffee might be the most popular morning routine especially among working professionals, it is not necessarily the most effective. All too often, this makes you feel like you are behind the gun throughout the day. Instead of jumping out of bed and running into the workplace, here’s a healthier and more dynamic morning routine that should help you get into the zone –

  • Know that, in truth, your morning rituals start the night before. Unless you’re on an adjusted working schedule, having a non-workings evening is a crucial component to any morning ritual. If you must work during the night, try to give yourself at least 2 hours between work and sleep. Not working in the evening includes: not checking your emails, not checking you website stats, and not committing to any work-related activity, no matter how small. Giving yourself the recommended 2 hour-window relaxes your mind and greatly improves the quality of your sleep.
  • Wake up to a glassful of water. While the body is in a heightened state of relaxation, a full night slumber is no different to an 8 hour-shift in terms of hydration, or rather dehydration. Your body  which is largely X% water is pretty much dehydrated after an 8-hour sleep, which is exactly why you have to drink up first thing in the morning. Experts say that the magic number for early morning hydration is 16 ounces. German scientists have determined that drinking this amount helps boost metabolism by 24% for 90 minutes. Similar effects are not observable in smaller quantities. 
  • Whether it’s walking the dog for 5 minutes, or going for 45-minute run around the block, or shooting a couple of hoops, engaging your body is a central to any dynamic morning routine. Not only does it help keep you in shape, working out essentially wakes your entire body up. It practically jump starts your ability to focus so that by the time you get to work, your energy levels are already at an optimum level.

“Physical exercise stimulates the development of new mitochondria within your cells, meaning that your body will be able to produce more ATP over time. That gives you more energy to exert yourself physically, but it also means more energy for your brain, boosting your mental output.” Remarks  Robert Prozen, Author of Extreme Productivity and Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School. Needleless to say, you would need to refuel to get the best out of your morning

workouts so make sure you never skip a healthy breakfast.

  • Review your goals so you know exactly what you need to accomplish. To better hone your focus, ask yourself these 3 essential questions: (a) What are you excited about today? (b) What is the most important task at hand? (c) How will you know if today turns out to be a success? Most people don’t bother asking question c. These people, however, do not realize that it is impossible to hit a mark if no mark was set in the first place.

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