The Truth of Genesis: Evolution & Islam, An Attack upon America

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The correct reading of Genesis chapter one reveals that mankind has been on Earth since Creation Week, 4.6 billion years ago.  However, mankind has been created and declined, at least five times, before God made Adam & Eve, in 7200 BC.  But on the third advent of mankind, God made him in his present likeness, more than 64 million years ago.  This is right after the extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs.  

The next extinction following that was in about 25 Million BC.  So there is biblical proof of pre-historic mankind being on Earth, for a span of more than 43 million years, and modern science has not admitted to them yet.  If something is uncovered, science will say that it was “aliens from another world”.  But I dare to proclaim that God created original mankind on the sixth day of Creation Week, over 4 billion years ago, but not having the exact same appearance as mankind of today.  They would be part of the Great Extinction, which wiped out the dimetrodons, in 245 Million BC. 

From what I can see, the religion of Islam is embracing Intelligent Design, as a tool to expose evolution.  However, it is also being used as a stepping stone to gain acceptance of this pagan religion by the rest of the world.  But be not deceived.  It’s the same tactic Hitler used when attacking Russia in World War II: “the Nazis can’t be so bad, since they also hate the Communists”.  The enemy of my enemy, is still my enemy.

As mentioned before, false (brain-washing) belief systems often have a RED agenda.  They Redefine the truth, they try to Exclude the truth from being discovered, and they Deny the truth which has been given.  Islam was started by a man named Muhammad Bin-Abdullah, who was born in April, 570 AD, in the Makkah Province in Saudi Arabia.  I am guessing that from 598 AD to 609 AD, Muhammad was exposed to the false pagan trinitarian teachings of Roman Catholicism, and he rejected them.  Since Europeans seemed to loosely embrace “a god” that was worshiped by the Jews, Muhammad wanted to establish an Arab god, to be worshiped worldwide.  Of course, he established himself as “Allah’s messenger”.

At the time, Arabs worshipped some 360 pagan gods housed at a stone temple in Mecca called the Kabah. According to archaeologists, the chief deity of the city of Mecca was the moon-god, called “al-ilah”, from which Muhammad obtained the name “Allah”.  Starting in 609 AD, Muhammad claimed that the angel Gabriel (from the Bible) came to him, saying that God wanted him to be His new messenger, since all other existing religions had become corrupted.  This is the same falsehood that Joseph Smith used in America, in 1820, to start the Mormon religion, saying that he was “God’s new messenger”.

It appears that Islam first got a foothold in America, after a man named Wallace D. Fard, who was born in a city named Shinkay, which is located in Zabul Province, Afghanistan.  He was born in February, 1877, and immigrated to the USA in 1913.  He spent time in California and Oregon, and ended up in Detroit Michigan, when he started teaching about the “Nation of Islam” in 1930, establishing the (first) Temple of Islam.  It was a faction of Islam, tailoring to the needs and “tickling to the ears” of oppressed black Americans. He was the “new messenger of Allah”.  This was step one.

Step two is identified as Robert Poole, who was born in Sandersville Georgia, on October 7, 1897.  The evil of “Jim Crow” gave Mr. Poole a hatred of “majority America”, and he moved his entire family to Detroit, where he met Wallace Fard.  After listening and believing Wallace Fard, Robert Poole took on the name Elijah Muhammad.  Fard was teaching that “the white man” were devils created by a mad scientist, and that blacks were the original race “Allah” had created.

When Fard vanished in 1934, Elijah Muhammad became the leader of the (main) group of Black Muslims and moved them to Chicago, where he established the second Temple of Islam, with himself being “Allah’s new messenger”.  This “new religion” became more widely known when a man named Malcom Little was seduced into this ungodly system, and joined it in 1952.  We know him as “Malcom X”.  But when Malcom learned the truth about Elijah Muhammad (practicing polygamy), and started preaching about “peace and togetherness”, the evil of the Muslims was stirred up and they assassinated Malcom, on February 21 1965, at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City.

Islam is supposed to mean “surrender to God (Allah)”, and the word Muslim is a person that submits to the will of God, or a follower of Islam.  However, Allah was an old pagan tribal “moon god” in the Arabian Peninsula. Why is it that certain Westerners will reject the one true (Jewish) God, and embrace a false moon-god Arabian deity?  Why is it that Allah’s messengers have all had several wives and concubines, and involved with murder? 

Fard was arrested for drug charges in 1926, and in 1933 concerning a murder for “human sacrifice”, and had at least three wives, but not at the same time.  Muhammad had 11 wives, at the same time, including a 6 year old child, and he forced his adopted son to divorce his wife so that Muhammad could marry her.  Muhammad also had a history of raping, murdering and pillaging for profit.  He was viewed as a lunatic, especially by Christians, Jews, Arabs in Mecca and Medina, and also Hindus. The order to kill Malcom X had to come from Elijah Muhammad, or had his blessing.  He also had nineteen children from several women.

What miracle has Allah ever done?  What prayers has Allah ever answered?  Has Allah ever spoken aloud to his people, as God did to Israel?  Has Allah ever saved anyone from the curse of sin?  Has Allah foretold the birth of anyone that would be the savior of mankind?  Has Allah ever spoken to humanity across hundreds of years or more?  No, because Allah is a false pagan Arabian moon-god, conjured up to decieve mankind.

Whenever the Muslims, who worship Allah, attacked Israel, who worships the true God, why is it that Allah always lost?  The one true God initiated the clan of Jews, and revealed Himself to them at Mt. Sinai in 1598 BC, so that their nation would give birth to Jesus.  “Out of the mouth of two or three witnesses, shall every word be established”.  What other witness, other than Muhammad, has Allah ever revealed or spoken to?  The answer is NO ONE!!

The Qur’;an is nothing more than a book of Satanic lies, written to “tickle” Arab ears. It has no divine input, and has no history covering more than one man’s lifetime.  Islam teaches that Jesus was not the Son of God, and that He did not die on the cross.  They say that a switch was made, and someone else died and was buried.  Well, who was it that resurrected from the guarded tomb?  The angel Gabriel?  Redefine, exclude, and deny.  Islam is a religion of control, and threatens death to those that leave its satanic fold. 

More than 200, 000 years ago, prehistoric mankind was told that “the Creator’s Son” was coming to take control of this Earth and universe away from Satan, who was the god of this world. Satan tried to spoil that by tricking Adam and Eve into eating the evil fruit, and gaining possession of modern mankind’s birthright.  But by putting the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden, God was giving Satan enough rope so that Satan could hang himself.  Satan opened a loophole, concerning the covenants which were made between he and God, before the foundation of the world.  God could now rescind Satan’s assignment.

In Part Four, the last of this series, all three segments come to a head to expose the current attack against America.  Who is the guilty party, or parties?  What house do they live in?

Herman Cummings


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