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Ever since independence, the concept of development came into existence, Mahatma Gandhi enforced the notion of ‘wiping tear from every eye’. The concept of development that simply defines the basic needs of the people was introduced in the 1970s and has till date not been achieved. We live in a country where words are kept above actions, where luxury is kept above needs and where rich is kept above poor. Even after constantly progressing on the path of economy the nation has failed to achieve the development factor. The reason being the underprivileged citizens who are kept deprived of resources and their rights due to the ongoing parade of corruption. A lot of us are aware of the sufferings if this underprivileged section of our society, but the truth is that they form the major portion of the total population.

Gandhi ji saw ethics and economy go hand in hand and also said that, ‘economics that hurts the moral well being of the individual or the nation is immoral and therefore sinful. India might have gained an economic value for itself but what about its people? The reason for its under-developed nature still seems to be ignored. However, not far enough is that day when this country would be producing a higher number of illiterates than it already has and all of this would be a consequence of what is known as corruption. A simple demand for rights in terms of health and education is not achieved yet, how will it be possible to run itself with the growing rate of economy? Each privileged individual in this world needs to devote his economic thinking to working out a program of reconstruction of the under- developed section of the society. A developed theory of constructive work at the local level needs to be formulated in such a manner that the problem brought by indiscriminative globalization is swapped away from the shore of development. 


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