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Staying safe on the street doesn’;t mean infinite years of kung fu training. It means basic knowledge, a few high percentage self defense moves, and trusting your intuition. Anyone who takes the time to learn can stay safe from potential attackers and life threatening situations.

When someone thinks of self defense moves they usually envision high flying kicks and fancy punches. Martial arts have come so far since the old days of traditional forms and kung fu. I can still recall when everyone referred to every martial art as either karate, kung fu or judo.

Your mind is so much more powerful than most folks give it credit for. Would you be shocked to discover that great self defense moves are not the key to surviving the streets? Sure, they play a part in defending yourself from attackers, but they’;re not the main factor. Knowing your environment, being aware of your surroundings, and knowing where not to venture at certain times are crucial. But most importantly, it’;s imperative to follow your gut. If your intuition steers you in one direction, pay attention. It’;s there to assist you in staying safe. You have to learn to trust your gut feeling and keep aware of your environment at all times.

A qualified instructor will teach you practical self defense moves that if used correctly can definitely save your life on the street. He/she will go over potential weapons that you already have on your person, how to escape dangerous situations, when to fight back and when to run screaming.

Women are usually more vulnerable to attack in everyday situations so it is important for them acquire the proper knowledge to stay safe. If you are a woman, and seeking effective self defense moves to protect yourself from potential attacks on the street, then I strongly urge you to find a women’;s self-defense program, as opposed to a traditional martial arts class.

When one thinks of self defense moves often times an image of a karate master comes to mind. Many believe that physical movements and techniques are what is needed to defend yourself. The truth of things is that there are no secret techniques that will make you invincible. It takes years of hard work and dedication to become proficient in martial arts. What many fail to realize however, is that physical techniques are your last resort to keeping yourself safe.

Thus, silat is the best fighting style due to the factors described above in any fighting situation. This is because silat is originated from the art of war that emphasizes more on attacking moves rather than defensive moves. However, due to it uniqueness, many peoples falsely thought that silat is just for entertainment rather than self defense.


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